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I recently read an article in the Nashville Scene titled; “Preds Fan’s Guide to Hating Pittsburgh. I thought there might actually be some substance to the article but once I read it I realized that, unlike them and their catfish tossing, we “Yinzers” have plenty to be proud of.

It started off slamming Pittsburgh calling it the “City that Self Awareness Forgot.” It went on to say that when talking to a Pittsburgher, “You have to listen to a litany of the most banal, mundane accomplishments in the history of human civilization.” Obviously the author of this post, whom I will address later, obviously doesn’t realize that some things are said jokingly; like our particular method of making left turns.

“They are really proud of their rivers too, even though only one is of any consequence.” I had to laugh at that one. While the rivers may not see the same commerce traffic of the steel era, they were what made Pittsburgh the industrial mecca of its time. All 3 rivers were packed with barges carrying coal, iron ore, steel, grain and livestock and on and on. The rivers are also the reason that Pittsburgh is known as the City of Bridges. This was because during WWII Pittsburgh was a prime target for the enemy, because of the Steel manufactured here for use in military weapons and vehicles. The large number of bridges insured that even if one was bombed, there would still be more to insure the commerce could continue. Let’s not forget that Pittsburgh is one of the leading City’s in medical research and development.

“Pittsburghers love to tell you about how great they are at waving towels, as if in the thousands of years humans have been drying themselves off, no one ever thought to spin one above the head until a bunch of Yinzers did it.” Once again, a small guffaw escapes my lips. Ok, here is the history of the Terrible Towel. It was invented by Myron Cope, the color commentator for the Pittsburgh Steelers, in preparation for the 1975 playoffs. Cope wanted a symbol for all the fans to rally behind. It worked because in 42 years the Terrible Towel is the only “gimmick” that has been constant in any sports venue. I mean, what does Nashville have? Dead catfish and a Country Music Super Star to sing the National Anthem? Which by the way was flat and pitchy. But I digress. Before you slam a Pittsburgh sports tradition, which by the way, every other sports team attempts to copy, maybe you should learn a little more about it. Such as, The Terrible Towel is 42 years old. Myron Cope signed the copyrights over to the Allegheny Valley School. This School is a series of campuses for people with severe mental and physical disabilities, of which Myron Copes son is one. That means all the profits go directly to the school. What do your dead catfish get you, besides laughed at I mean. It is also a lasting memory of Myron himself who bled Black and Gold and loved this city more than anyone I know.

They are very proud of having drafted Sydney Crosby for their beloved Penguins, a Team most of them didn’t know they had until 1984, then forgot all about until 2005.” The writer of this piece says there was some flim flammery involved in getting Crosby. He sites some shady drafting process because of the NHL cancelling the 2004 season and Pittsburgh was awarded the #1 Draft in 2005. But if Nashville would have been granted the #1 draft there wouldn’t be an issue. Oh wait, that’s right, The Nashville Predators weren’t even a gleam in the NHL’s eye in 2005. I also believe that if the NHL hadn’t given Nashville the equivalent of a participation award by awarding them a franchise, they wouldn’t have been able to attract one on their own.

Now they go on to say that Pittsburgh was awarded the #1 draft pick in 2003 and that wasn’t on the up and up. With that draft they chose Marc-Andre Fleury who, according to this well informed writer, “has since become best known for getting replaced by literally anyone within earshot of the Pittsburgh bench during the playoffs.” Let’s see, drafted in 2003. It’s now um, 2017. I make that 14 years in the NHL. I imagine he might have lost a step or two in that amount of time. But let’s not forget, when Matt Murry was injured at the beginning of the playoff, it was Fleury who was phenomenal and kept them in the playoffs.

The hater-ade must have been flowing freely when this last paragraph was written. It goes something like this; “Of course all of this fortune – which was definitely NOT engineered by the National Hockey League because the Pens are owned by one of the league’s all-time greats in Mario Lemieux (who ended up a Pen in 1984 because Pittsburgh put on a tank job George S. Patton would be proud of) – has resulted in resounding success in the Steal, uh, Steel City.”

I must laugh at anyone from Nashville wanting to point out any type of chicanery in the NHL. I guess the writer hasn’t watched any of the Stanley Cup Finals. Games one and two were some of the worst acting since, well I’m not sure since when. To watch the Predators player’s taking dive after dive during the first 2 games, it reminded me of the first Mighty Ducks movie when Coach Bombay wanted District 5 to play act to draw penalties. To watch PK Subban cry and hold his shoulder after a legal check was pitiful. Maybe he should learn from Oli Matta who took a slap shot off of his ankle to block a shot but kept playing. Or even Pekka Renne who was flailing around at times after barely being brushed by legal contact.

Now let’s add the officiating. I guess the only reason so many calls are missed by the officials is because Seeing Eye dogs can’t skate. For the announcers who clearly hate Pittsburgh to comment on how obviously one sided the officiating is, maybe it is true. Even Carrie Underwood, married to Captain Mike Fisher of Nashville, said pretty much the same thing about the officiating. For a player to be standing in front of the and can’t make a play on the puck is ridiculous. Is it because of poor skills, bad positioning? Maybe it’s because PK Subban has his arms wrapped around Sidney Crosby and he can’t even lift his stick. However, the officials did prove they knew what holding was because it was called several times against Pittsburgh in game 3. Actually, most of the penalties have been called against Pittsburgh the entire playoffs.

They like to make fun Pittsburgh for putting cole-slaw and fries on a sandwich. He makes fun of it but there are many copies of the Primani’s sammich. Even Nashville copy’s it. How do I know? I was stationed at Fort Campbell Kentucky from 1987 to 1989 and spent lot’s of time in Nashville.

The writer closes with this stream of pointlessness but I thought I would include it. “Like many teams, the Pens reflect their city well. A handful of supremely gifted artisans surrounded by a bunch of workaday salarymen, coming together to produce impressive, if ultimately prosaic accomplishments.

Sure, a 100-foot I-beam looks great … for an I-beam. But give us the raucous rowdiness of a canyon of gold instead. 

If Flashdance taught us anything, it’s that dancing is more fun than steel mills. And even Jennifer Beals — Pittsburgh’s most famous cultural export, even though she’s from Chicago — is pulling for Preds.”

I laugh at the comment regarding the raucous rowdiness of a canyon of gold. Pittsburgh is the home of rowdiness and gold, Black and Gold to be precise. Once again, another Johnny-come-lately sports franchise to copy Pittsburgh.

In my last point I wanted to say something about the writer. Unfortunately it was written by, and I quote, a “Committee of Hockey Insiders” which might just be code for not wanting to attach your name to this. I honestly can’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to take credit for what was written in an attempt to take away from Pittsburgh exactly what they are; A city of industry, a city that is culturally diverse, leading the way in technology, leading the way in medical advances, a City rich in deep history, more movies shot in this region then Nashville and oh, yeah, THE CITY OF CHAMPIONS!!!

Below I included A link to the original article. All it really is pure jealousy… Geeze, and they call ME crazy…

Preds Fans Guide for Hating Pittsburgh


I know by the title some of you are rolling your eyes and wondering what rambling incoherent post I have for you today. Well my dear readers, it is about change. All of us experience change in some form or another at some point in our lives. It can be great big, wholesale changes or something small. Nonetheless, it happens to us all. Some changes are good and some are not but change is important to keep everything moving along.

einstein-thoughtOne of the things to consider is changing your way of thinking. I know that sometimes it is easier said then done. We have been programmed a certain way and have spent most of our lives thinking the way we do. Some people are passive-aggressive manipulating narcissists. Others get controlled by them and don’t even realize they have allowed their thinking to become re-wired to believe what they are being told. I read a book called “No More Mister Nice Guy” by Dr. R.A. Glover. In it he explains how the “Nice Guy” acts a certain way based on things either from their past or current surroundings. You say, “No way,” but it happens every day. This is where changing your thinking is so vital. Like Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

So now you are sitting there thinking there is no way possible to change something you have done your entire life. I am here to tell you that it is possible. I work at it everyday. Mental health sometimes requires a spring cleaning of the mind, if you will. I don’t mean go and see a hypnotist to change your thoughts, you have to do the work yourself. Take a break from the daily grind. It helps if you have some free time to yourself. Maybe when the kids are at school and the spouse is at work. You might need pad and paper as well, but you need to make a mental inventory. What is going on in your head? What is causing you the most problems? Where does the majority of your stress lie? It might not be as simple as doing it yourself. Sometimes a licensed therapist may be in order. If you don’t think that will work for you, maybe your priest or pastor. Sometimes just talking to someone is a great way to root out what is going on. Changing your way of thinking is not a simple one time effort. It might take weeks, months or even longer.

A positive mindset is so important. If you can find positive things to think about the other thoughts are not right in the forefront. To that end, if a stressor in your life is perhaps a sick or dying loved one, instead of thinking of all the negatives associated with the situation try to focus on the positives. Let’s say, for instance, your child has the chicken pox. Instead of worrying that they are going to miss school or how sick they feel, try focusing on the fact you were able to have the time off of work to take care of them. Or you had a grandmother or grandfather who was able to help you. Or say you have a loved one in Hospice with terminal cancer. You could say how pitiful it is to watch someone die like that or on a positive side you could say you were thankful there was something available like this to help them in their final days.

answer-to-prayer-quoteI’m not saying look at everything with rose-colored glasses but you also don’t have to see doom and gloom in absolutely everything. Having a loved one die from cancer is certainly not pleasant, for them or for you, but you also have to think about how your approach to a situation affects other people. If we give off a positive vibe, others will pick up on it. If you have trouble trying to change your mindset to something positive, surround yourself with positive people. Negativity breads negativity and the same can be said for positive thinking as well. Instead of looking at the glass as half empty or half full, be thankful there is something in it at all. Sometimes removing stressors completely could be the answer.

I know once I started changing my thinking and removing stressors I began to feel better almost instantly. My health began to improve and I was feeling better all around. I joined a gym and I try to go atmistakes least 2 days a week. I started helping my friend and his son build demolition derby cars over the summer. Alan, who had been my friend for 35 years, asked me to come up and help them out. Once I started to get active with my health and my past-time activities I could feel myself feeling so much better. Some people are destined to feel like they are nothing because of mistakes they have made. We all make mistakes, we are all human. Don’t ever believe that you are less than something special because of mistakes. Don’t let people keep reminding you of mistakes either. Just because they can’t move on doesn’t mean you need to be stuck in the past. We are not perfect. We are human. Change your thinking to become more positive in your thoughts and actions. Becoming more positive is a great way to feel better. Surround yourself with positivity. Seek out your friends. Be willing to do what you have to do to make positive changes in your life. Some people are happy making others miserable. They spend their lives doing it. Geeze, and they call me crazy.

patriotsWell, here we go again. The New England Patriots are embroiled in yet another scandal. From stealing other team’s signals to secretly video-taping the Rams final walk through practice just before Super Bowl XXXVI. The Cheatriots, oops, I mean Patriots are now accused of playing Sunday’s AFC Championship game with under inflated balls. Some might say oh that’s no big deal. Well, actually it is. Game balls should be inflated somewhere around 13psi. 11 of 12 were found to be at least 2 psi under-inflated. This makes the ball easier to throw and catch, especially in wet conditions like last Sunday’s game.

Bill "I'm Homeless" Belechick

Bill “I’m Homeless” Belechick

Owner Robert Kraft and commissioner Goodell

Owner Robert Kraft and commissioner Goodell

The little trick wasn’t discovered until the Colts intercepted a pass. The player, knowing something was wrong immediately gave the ball to his equipment manager and notified his coach as to irregularity with the ball. Coach Belechick was fined in 2007 for secretly taping opposing team’s sideline signals. I mean, I never thought Belechick was a great coach by any means, but to blatantly cheat to win? What message are you sending to anyone/everyone? Well, when your owner is good buddies with the commissioner what sanctions should we be looking at? Goodell is in a quandary. When he blew the Ray Rice investigation, Patriots Owner Robert Kraft and other Patriots came out in support of his mishandling. There also seems to be a question as to what should be done. I mean Dan Rooney, who helped get Goodell elected was fined shortly after in 2006 for saying the refs in the Steelers-Falcons game should be ashamed of themselves. So now, does Goodell hammer the Patriots? Hmmm, that’s a mystery. He impresses me as a guy with no loyalty so I would hope he hits the Patriots hard.

brady bawlingI am comfortable in the knowledge that the Patriots won’t be excluded from the Super Bowl for cheating, I mean really? They may not even know their fate until after the big game, but I feel that serious sanctions should be handed down. Nice message to relay to our kids. Go ahead and cheat in sports kids. If your mom, dad, coach or school is a favorite of the governing body, you’ll get away with it. I mean Brady is a professional ball-baby and Belechick a well known cheat and Kraft a well know suck up. Does anyone see anything of any substance happening to the Cheatriots? They will go to the Super Bowl and if Las Vegas decides, they will win and nothing will change. This sucks for those fans of football to have to sit through yet another Roger Goodell mess. I’m sure he and the Patriots will buy their way out of it. Geeze, and they call ME crazy…

Ferguson Shooting victim Michael Brown

Ferguson Shooting victim Michael Brown on the left.

It started with the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson. And unarmed, black teen was shot by a white officer. The media fixated on the race side of the story and pounded it out that way.  All you heard was that a white cop shot an unarmed , black teen. Then they keep on with the unarmed angle. It of course sparked race riots all over Ferguson. They somehow missed the fact he had just robbed a convenience store minutes before meeting up with officer Darren Wilson, then allegedly assaulted officer Wilson. Then take Michael Brown’s Step-father, Louis Head. After the Grand Jury

Louis Head. Michaels Brown's step-father

Louis Head. Michael Brown’s step-father

decision was announced, he stood on top of a car and announced; “Let’s burn the mother fucker down! Burn this bitch down” Gee what happened next? It doesn’t really take a deep thinker to figure it out. Do we really need to recap? NO. They really followed his instructions well. It is a shame. The media then helped feed the fire and it kept growing and growing. The media NEVER said there was any checkered past for young Mr. Brown. But then go figure. It’s not a good story if there is not drama attached? I mean, let’s face it. The media put officer Wilson in danger. It was 2 Fox news reporters I believe who published his home address. Really? The drama the media caused in Ferguson wasn’t enough? They wanted to exact their own justice?

Eric Garner. NYPD Choke Hold Victim

Eric Garner. NYPD Choke Hold Victim

Then there is Eric Garner. The unarmed, black man put in a choke hold by a white NYPD officer when he resisted arrest selling illegal lose cigarettes . Officer Daniel Pantaleo put Garner in a choke hold when Garner told police; “Don’t touch me.” Now the NYPD doesn’t allow the “choke hold” but a legal expert for ABC News said that doesn’t make it illegal. Now the media of course has blown it all the place but I have to say that while some blow hard’s are trying to link the two cases, I think there are big differences. Michael Brown had a record and many questionable pictures that the family tried to keep hidden. Eric Garner was a married father. He had no record. True, he was selling illegal cigarettes but I don’t really think it required all of those officers to lay the smack down on him. Now for that officer to be indicted I have a little trouble with that outcome. Not saying he was guilty by any means but I just really think they are two different situations.

The now vacant Eastern Derry Twp VFD

The now vacant Eastern Derry Twp VFD

Now for last piece of the media puzzle. I started this piece by saying how the media spins stories to create more drama then needed and how they try to skew the story away from the truth. To prove this point I will mention the Eastern Derry Twp. Volunteer Fire Department. They had their doors shut back in August of 2014. See News Report. The local news ran a couple of stories because the fire fighters from that department said that they didn’t a grant from the local township to buy insurance for their vehicles. Unfortunately, The failed to tell the whole truth. They had failed their most recent audit and then had to answer for missing money. The media tried to lay the sympathy angle on this story but of course, once the truth came out in it’s entirety, there has not been another story regarding this at all. The right thing would have been to say that more information has been uncovered and so on and so fourth. Instead, the media just walked away from it.

I think the media should try and tell the truth when reporting stories. All the truth. From Ferguson to New York and even here in our little piss-ant area. The media needs to tell the entire story and make the news about the truth. If there is a case when more information is found that might change the story, the media should have enough integrity to change the story to report the truth. All of these media outlets say they report fair, honest and accurate news. My ass. Just what I have mentioned here today proves they don’t. Geeze, and they call ME crazy



Ambulances lined up outside of the high school

Ambulances lined up outside of the high school

On 7-9-14 at 0709, the hustle and bustle of our morning was gone. A 16-year-old student went on a stabbing rampage at Franklin-Regional High School in Murrysville Pa, less than 20 miles from where I live. By 0730 it was over and the actor was in custody; although 24 people were injured. Now, I can go on with facts, figures and statements made by officials. Having been involved in Emergency Services for 23 years I can tell you that those that they pick to interview usually have no business giving any information. It might be their job to be the Public Information Officer (PIO) for their area; Police, Fire, EMS; but one thing is for sure; be prepared. Oh yeah, and try not to act like it’s a pain in your ass to give out any information. I saw at least one official who had an attitude with reporters during a press conference. Okay, off of that. It is what it is and it will never change. Some people don’t care what they’re talking about as long as they are in front of a camera.

Helicopters staged on the athletics field

Helicopters staged on the athletics field

How about the students? All of them, even the ones not injured in the attack, will have memories of this tragic event for a long time, if not for the rest of their lives. From all accounts it sounds like the suspect walked in to school carrying two 8 inch knives and just started walking down a hallway, stabbing and slashing as he went. I hear a lot of why, like why did this happen. I am left with how. How did this student get not one, but 2 knives in to school seemingly undetected? Franklin-Regional has several security guards and a School Resource Officer(SRO) as well. The SRO is a police officer with the Murrysville Police Dept. At 0709 he radioed that he had a situation at the High School. The following is a transcript of the initial radio traffic:

7:09 a.m.

“I don’t know what I’ve got going on down at the school here, but I need some units here ASAP.”

“Alright, we’re getting a call reporting one individual has a knife.”

“230 and additional units, the actor with the knife is in room 213.”

“Alright, correction on that. There is a victim down in room 115.”

7:10 a.m.

“Murrysville units, the actor is (suspect’s name removed). They’re not sure of his location right now.”

7:11 a.m.

“Station 610 bravo response, Franklin Regional High School, multiple stab victims.”

“Station 610, sir, we’re trying to see three stab victims, there is bleeding.”

“10-4, we’re still obtaining additional information. We’re not sure how many people are involved at this time.”

7:13 a.m.

“Hey, 14, a description on that actor, I’d appreciate it, maybe a vehicle he drives if he has one.”

7:14 a.m.

“I was just going to recommend that also. Police are advising scene’s not secure. They do have multiple victims, 225’s unavailable. Do you want 952?”

7:15 a.m.

“Chief, location and description on the actor?”

“I’m at the front door, to the first hallway on the right, halfway down. I’ve got multiple victims here. We need ambulances here as soon as possible.”

“Be advised the suspect is in custody, only one suspect.”

“About, about 14 patients right now.”

“I need ambulances around the side.”

7:16 a.m.

“One stab wound to the back, one to the arm.”

“Make that three ambulances, another stab wound to the back.”

“OK, be advised, inside the school we have multiple stab victims, OK? So just bring in EMS from wherever you can get ‘em. Get us some local officers here also and, again, the suspect is in custody, but we need some help here.”

“Also, police are requesting EMS into the scene, actor is in custody, still don’t have an exact count on victims at this time.”

Listen to radio traffic from incident (Courtesy of Channel 4 Action News)

Back to the “How?” Did Franklin-Regional have medical detectors? No. Was the student with the knives even seen by security guards or the SRO? don’t know. What I do know is that there was no way to know that this student was bringing weapons into the school. Everyone thinks that they are safe and have the attitude that; “That would never happen to us here…” Well, sadly, Franklin-Regional has joined with Columbine and Sandy Hook. We feel secure that our children are safe and we could never experience anything like this but we have learned that hard way that we are all susceptible to tragedies like this one.  The School Superintendent was asked about bullying and he said that the subject hadn’t mentioned anything about bullying. Then he was asked how bad the bullying was at the school. Once again, a diffusive answer. The reporter then stated that several students had stated that bullying was a huge problem at the school. The Superintendent then became obviously irritated and refused to answer.

Was it worth not answering to admit that your school is no different from any other school in the country or the world? All he stated was that there were resources available for students being bullied. He didn’t state if the suspect had sought assistance from any of these resources or not. Several students have stated that the suspect was bullied because of acne and general things but the school is remaining tight-lipped on any of it.

In the end, this is not about assigning blame or any of that. It’s about supporting the students and school are remembered and assisted in any way we can. The students involved need our support as well as their families. Let’s also not forget about the suspect himself.   He needs support as does his family as we all try to make sense out of this. Throwing blame around at whose fault it is would be counter productive but it will inevitably happen… And the call ME crazy…


North Korean Dictater; Kim Jong-un

North Korean Dictater; Kim Jong-un

I was granted a rare opportunity over the weekend. I was asked to interview Kim Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea. I was apprehensive at first because it has been 23 years since I set foot in Korea and back up at Panmunjom. I accepted and called my Uncle Duff. He was the one who got me started in blogging and used to host a blog called “One Man’s Tofu.” He said I should take the chance because it will probably be the only chance the American People have to hear from him on the situation going on there. He reminded me to take his interview kit with me so I would have a good trip.

So armed with my pad and pencil, a bottle of 20-year-old, single malt scotch and a package of Nutter Butters, I left for the airport. When I arrived in Seoul it almost felt like I never left. I was met by a representative from our Embassy there and escorted to a secure area for a briefing before the 45 minute ride up MSR 3 (Military Supply Route) for my interview. I was cautioned to not say anything that could escalate the current situation but then I was asked to try and gather any intel I could. Not escalating the situation might be hard for me with my propensity to be a smart ass but agreed and was taken out to a waiting car.

When we arrived at Panmunjom, I was escorted to the very room where the cease-fire was signed some 61 years ago and I visited 24 years ago in the winter of 1989. Armed guards from both the North Korean Army and Republic of Korea (ROK) were stationed outside the doors. A white line ran down the middle of the room to designate the 38th Parallel and signify the division between north and South Korea. There was a large oak table in the middle of the room with a chair on the north and south side of the table. I of course was seated on the southern side.

Panmunjom - On the 38th parallel

Panmunjom – On the 38th parallel

I was nervous as I sat there. I opened my notebook and put my pencil out. I set the bottle of scotch and Nutter Butters out as well. I was fidgety as I waited. I folded my hands neatly and sat there waiting. The door opened up on the Northern end of the room and in walked a portly little fella roughly about 4’ 10”. I stood up, trying to remember my diplomacy and extended my hand. “Sir, it is a great honor,” I said. He looked me over, up at me actually, and shook my hand. “It is a preasure to welcome you,” he replied. I noticed they had discreetly placed 3 books on his chair so he could see over the table. I opened the package of Nutter Butters and offered them to him. He took his share and slid the package back to me; with three left in it. “Sir,” I said, “Would you like a drink?” I motioned towards the bottle of scotch. “What you got?” he asked. “A 20 year-old bottle of scotch,” I said. “Hooch?” he asked. I smiled and felt the hair on the back of neck stand up. Hooch. It was better than the Soju they try and pass off as booze. Anyhow, with the pleasantries over with, it was time to get down to business.

ATCMC – You are currently under fire for ramping up your nuclear program and threatening a launch. Does this concern you in the overall picture of everything?

Kim Jong-un(Through a mouthful of Nutter Butters) Me not worried what others think. Me running this prace, not the U.N. Hey, that my name. ha ha ha ha. He took a swig of scotch, belched, and continued. Your Plesident Balack Obama think he can treaten us with sanctions, he clazier then he rooks.

ATCMC – So you are saying the threat is real and nothing the United States does will hinder your progress, correct?

Kim Jong-un – Vely good, you understand compretree. There is nothing that can be done to stop us.

ATCMC – Is your nuclear program that far along that a launch is imminent?

Kim Jong-un – Not in so many words, but yes we are getting leddy for a major raunch. All our tests have been pletty plomising.

As he spoke, little cookie bits were flying everywhere. It was like standing beside the discharge of a lawnmower while you were running it over a gravel driveway. I put my glasses back on more for safety then vision.

ATCMC – Do you have a target in mind, or are you going to see where it hits?

He took another swig of scotch, finished it, and then banged it on the table for a refill. Apparently I was not only acting as an interviewer but a bar tender as well. I filled his glass and patiently waited for a response. He took another swig.

Kim Jong-un – (belch) You Amelicans tink you pletty smart. I not ter you where we going to shoot at.

ATCMC – A source close to you told the Associated Press that you had capabilities to hit Guam. Is that the intended target?

Kim Jong-un – I not terring you. You will just have to see the awesome power of our weapons. We have a contlact with a good weapons maker and he not messing alound. It cost us rearry big money. We show the world.

nk airforceATCMC – Okay, okay, calm down sir. I didn’t mean to upset you. Now, I have heard rumors that the North Korean Air Force isn’t a threat.

Kim Jong-un – What you mean not a threat? We have the most advanced technorogy on the pranet.

ATCMC – Pictures have been leaked showing what some might call, um, sub-standard equipment.

Kim Jong-un – It is all Plopaganda to make round-eyes rike you feel more secure. We are a super power.

ATCMC – Okay, what ever you say buddy boy, but I don’t believe that calling me names is called for.

Kim Jong-un – Well, I not aporogizing. You have to deal with it. Now to show you I not a bad guy, I want you to join me for runch.

ATCMC – What are you serving?

Kim Jong-un – My convoy hit a dog on the way here.

KJU weight watchersATCMC – Pass. But speaking of food, I understand Weight Watchers wants you to be a spokesman of sorts for them.

Kim Jong-un – Well, they apploached me and ask me if I could be a before picture? I not know what that mean, but I know they offer to pay me so I take job to fund nuclear proglam.

As we were talking his lunch arrived. There was enough food there to feed a small country. There was seafood, kimchi, noodles and vegetables and some kind of meat. I assumed it was the dog hit earlier. I graciously declined any of the offerings. He looked at me and said, “This mine runch, you say you not hungly.” I watched in horror as this little fella mowed through the food set before him like Chuck Norris through an entire brigade of commies. I’m pretty sure he ate the Nutter Butters wrapper and empty scotch bottle as well since I couldn’t find them when he was done. When he finished he pushed all of the empty plates and dishes to the side, and snapped his fingers. Two men came in and scurried around the room gathering up the empties from his lunch. He sat back in his chair and belched. Then he farted and acted like it was the funniest thing ever in the world. I cleared my throat and got ready to ask more questions.

He stirred in his chair, almost falling off the books he was sitting on. He got a strange look on his face. I wasn’t sure what was going on until he leaned to one side again and, um depressurized yet again. He sat back in his chair and smiled. “False ararm,” he said. “Is everything okay?” I asked.  “Yes, no probrem,” he answered. “No probrem” my ass. The room smelled like the dumpster at a slaughterhouse in August. Nonetheless I pressed on because the hour was getting late and I wasn’t sure how much more time I would be granted.

acme missleATCMC – So you said earlier that you did the Weight Watchers ad to fund your nuclear program, is that correct?

Kim Jong-un – That is right. Rike I say before. We have new Weapons factory working for us and we have good maker. The missile is best money can buy.

ATCMC – Is Iran helping you at all with the development of your nuclear weapons? I mean, it has been said in the media that your missile launches have been failures.

Kim Jong-un – Why you ask so many questions about my missiles? You tlying to be funny guy?

ATCMC – It is the big thing on everyone’s minds these days. I mean no disrespect I just want to ease the American Public’s fears about a nuclear attack.

Kim Jong-un – You not need to worry who helping us. All you need worry about is when we strike. Like a cobra.  But now I must ask you question of my own.

ATCMC – Certainly sir, what ever you need to ask.

I was afraid of what the question might be. He was such a weird one, it was hard to imagine what earth-shattering questions this little fella could have.

Kim Jong-un – You got any more of them cookies?

Realizing I didn’t eat the 3 that he had graciously left me, I passed them across the table.

ATCMC – Here you go sir.

rocket launchKim Jong-un – Thank you but it is getting rate, I must be going, time for dinner soon. And prease don’t take our missile program rightry. We are a nuclear super power. You just don’t go around thinking you better than us. We not messing around.

ATCMC – I hope you enjoyed the Nutter Butters and Scotch.

Kim Jong-un – Yes, yes, good hooch. I rike the cookie too. You must tell me where to get them. I think it onry fair. We give you Ramen, you give us cookies.

I asked a few more questions but Kim Jong-un was becoming uncooperative. Apparently since it was 45 minutes since he ate last he was getting hungry and cranky. He stood up and climbed down off of his chair. He did not shake my hand or say anything else as he left. I was glad I made the trip now just so I could discover what a tool bag he really was. The third one of this family to be in control of North Korea and just as effed up as the other 2. The third generation cuckoo doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

I realize now that people like Kim Jong-un is what is wrong with the world. They are bent on world domination instead of everyone working together. I also want to take this time to send a prayer out to Boston where they had the bombing near the end of the marathon yesterday. Too many crack-pots out there and all they are doing is turning the world to shit. Kim Jong-un is just another mental midget in a line of thousands. Geeze-o-man, and they call ME carzy…


Kim Jong Un; New Threat to the United States?

Kim Jong Un; New Threat to the United States?

too lateKim Jong Un, the latest hater of the United States is threatening to launch a nuke at America. Really? Get in line behind every other country that hates the USA and threatens to nuke us off the map. Un succeeded his father who overdosed on Ramen and Kimchi in December of 2011. No,  seriously, his father died of natural causes. Un is not the oldest of his father’s sons but he got the job anyway. (The brothers were probably too smart to take it). He says they have a serious nuke program and will be ready to launch a strike soon. Maybe, but I bet all your missiles say “Made in Japan” on them somewhere. This is not a stable man by any stretch of the imagination. So should we take this as a joke or be worried. Because he is a few fries short of a Happy Meal, I wouldn’t say worried is right word. Pensive, Alert, Cautious are probably better words. Our own government is more of a threat to us then this little fella.

Guard Post Collier, DMZ South Korea

Guard Post Collier, DMZ South Korea

north koreaNow for a little history lesson. Way back in February of 1989, yours truly was stationed on the DMZ in this very Guard Post. This is Guard Post Collier, approx 2 Kilometers from Panmunjom where the Cease Fire was signed way back in 1952. Yes, I said cease-fire. There was never an agreement to end the war signed. Technically, we have been at war all this time. Obama said we will go to war if we have to. Really, like anyone cares now when we say that. I think we need stiffer penalties then crushing them again like we did 61 years ago. Let’s take Oodles of Noodles, and DaeWoo and Kimchi out of our stores and that will fix them. I mean really. We sent a fleet over there as a show of force. If Mr. Miagi would try to launch a missile, it will be shot out of the sky. His bigger concern should be his haircut. I mean what is it about the crack pots bent on world domination. Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam Husein, John Kerry, they all had really bad haircuts. In all truthfulness, there should be a certain amount of fear because ANYTHING is possible. We never dreamed 9-11 could happen and guess what, It Did!

little despotNK NavyAfter all, its our own damn fault. We play kissey face with these countries and they are just biding their time until they get the opportunity to turn on us. I mean why don’t we stop sending them money and let them hate us for free. We always want to stick our noses in where they don’t belong and look what it gets us. Obama threatened action if Kim Jung Un continued with his plans to begin a nuke program again. Well B-Dawg, where’s the action? A fleet positioned off the coast is like hanging a Beware of Dog sign in your front window. After a while, When you don’t see the dog, you know it was a bunch of bull. Ask my daughter. I threaten to punish her or ground her when she misbehaves, she knows it ain’t gonna happen. Un knows it too. Obama just started getting us out of one war, does anyone really think he wants to go into another one? South Korea has an Army, why do we need to hold their hands, again? We need to be cautious but we should also expect other countries to handle their own problems… I mean really. Here is my solution for all of this…

norris and un

I mean, it seems pretty simple to me… And They Call ME Crazy.

Victim, Jennifer Daugherty

Victim, Jennifer Daugherty


Ring Leader; Ricky Smyrnes

Ring Leader; Ricky Smyrnes

In a swift deliberation earlier this week, a Westmoreland County Pennsylvania jury found Ricky Smyrnes guilty of first degree murder in the death of Jennifer Daugherty in 2010 and will return Tuesday the 19th to decide if he should spend the rest of his life in prison or be put to death.

The jury deliberated roughly two hours before finding Smyrnes, the accused ring leader of the infamous “Greensburg Six” guilty on all counts including second-degree murder, conspiracy and kidnapping in the torture murder of Daugherty in Smyrnes shit-box apartment in Greensburg.

The speed of the verdict surprised Smyrnes’ lawyer Mike DeRiso. “It came back faster than any of us anticipated,” he said. Really? I didn’t think it was a real stretch to find him guilty. This writer believes that what these people did to Ms. Daugherty, the mentally challenged woman who was befriended by these monsters, is incomprehensible to anyone with an ounce of compassion.

DeRiso felt that the jury would come back with a guilty verdict for second-degree murder not first. Oh well. Maybe there are people who think and believe like the rest of society does and after hearing the pure misery, terror and pain Ms. Daugherty suffered at the hands of these six monsters, couldn’t find any result other than guilty of first-degree murder.

DeRiso himself did his best to lay the ground-work for an insanity plea when he was talking to the press. He said that Smyrnes is “nuts” when he’s off his meds. Since Tuesday is the penalty phase of the trial, Smyrnes’ mental capacity and criminal history will be at issue. Insanity is a common plea since you can’t find someone “bat-shit crazy” you have to say insane. It is the more politically correct way to say it.

No matter how you slice it they will be going balls to the wall to try and spare him the death penalty. It’s what defense attorney’s do. Do I agree with it? We’ll leave that one alone. I think all of the “Greensburg Six” should get the needle but that choice is not up to me. Then there is our state of Pennsylvania. While they re-instituted the Death Penalty they haven’t used it since 1999 when Gary Heidnik took the lethal injection for killing and eating his victims and feeding them to the others he held captive.

John Lesko

John Lesko


Michael Travaglia

Michael Travaglia

What I truly believe is that if the great state of Pennsylvania is never going to execute another death row inmate then let’s do away with the death penalty all together. What is the point of ceremoniously sentencing someone to death to never execute them. Then to allow these cretins to file appeal after appeal does nothing but clog our justice system and cost the Commonwealth millions of dollars to put these convicted killers back on trial again and again. Lesko and Travaglia of Westmoreland County are the poster children of countless appeals. The have had somewhere around 15 appeals between the two of them since their 1981 “Kill for Thrill” spree in Pittsburgh, Armstrong, Indiana and Westmoreland Counties where their victims included a female who picked them up hitchhiking, a police officer shot down in cold blood and a church organist who they beat and drowned in an Indiana County Park Lake.

Ex-Trooper; Kevin Foley

Ex-Trooper; Kevin Foley

Kevin Foley, the disgraced PA State Police Trooper, was convicted of the 2006 murder of his girlfriend’s estranged husband John Yelenic in his Blairsville home. Yelenic was beaten, stabbed and his throat was slashed so savagely he was almost beheaded. Foley was tied to the murder by bloody foot prints and security camera footage from a nearby convenience store.  He too is filing appeal after appeal although he was not convicted to die he was still sentenced to life in prison.

Pennsylvania has what it called Post Conviction Relief Act (PCRA). Once an inmate has been convicted and sentenced, they are granted one appeal. For some reason the legal system allows for appeal after appeal after appeal. Apparently being found guilty umpteen times is still grounds for an appeal. My point is simple though. No matter what the crime is there should only be a certain amount of appeals before they are out. I mean really, how many times do Lesko and Travaglia need to be found guilty and sentenced to death before the courts realize; “Hey, these guys might really be guilty…”

Melvin Knight

Melvin Knight


Angela Marinucci

Angela Marinucci

The bottom line is simple; We need to change sentencing guidelines and limit the number of appeals someone can have. Two other members of the infamous “Greensburg Six” have already been tried and convicted. Melvin Knight was convicted and sentenced to death late last year and Angela Marinucci was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Since she was under 18 at the time of the crime she was not eligible for the death penalty. Now Ricky Smyrnes will wait for the same jury that convicted him of his crimes to decide the outcome of his sentence.

A second defense attorney Terrence Faye will argue that Smyrnes is mildly retarded. The same argument Mr. DeRiso made at trial on Thursday during his closing. Under the law, mentally challenged people can’t be put to death. Does that mean they can be kidnapped and murdered?

DA John Peck argued that Smyrnes knew exactly what he was doing. During his closing Peck described him as a conniving schemer who incited his 5 roommates, including his girlfriend Angela Marinucci, to hold Daugherty captive for two days while beating and torturing her. Peck said it was Smyrnes who held a “Family Meeting” to take a vote on whether or not Daugherty should live or die, then ordered co-defendant Melvin Knight to kill her with a knife. Peck then said Smyrnes pitted Marinucci against Daugherty in a bid for his affection in what amounted in a twisted love triangle. Then Marinucci and the other assholes, sorry, accused, then ganged up on Daugherty and killed her according to the prosecution.

The Greensburg 6

The Greensburg 6

As I end this I am glad to see that so far Westmoreland County DA John Peck is 3 for 3. These people need to pay for what they did to a woman with mental disability is unbelievable. While I think that life in prison is too good for these pieces of shit, sorry, that was insensitive, The final judgement is God’s. The judge in the court room has judged them and now there is only one judgement left. “Vengeance is mine says the lord…” Although I say; “An eye for an eye…”

jim harbaughjohn_harbaugh--300x300Well here we go. Super Bowl 47 is set. The San Francisco 49ers Will face the Baltimore Ravens. It has been dubbed “Harbaugh Bowl”. I call it the battle of the ball bags. The Harbaugh Brothers are known throughout the NFL for crying to the officiating staff after every play. Jim Harbaugh surprised everyone but the bookies in Las Vegas with his team’s come from behind victory against the Atlanta Falcons. Of Course his brother showed that Baltimore can win… Even a fixed game. Tom Brady played worse than Paul Crew in the movie “The Longest Yard”. I’ve seen poor performances before but New England’s Poor Play last Sunday against Baltimore  was the worst acting job since Jean-Claude Van Damme in ANY of his movies. No my dear readers, the outcome of both Championship Games was decided before any of the teams ever took the field.

Can the Harbaugh Brother’s coach? Well, they are not the worst coaches in the NFL but I would like to see less crying and whining during the game. Yes, there will be questionable calls, but that is part of sports. Should the referee’s be stepped to when they blow it? Absolutely, but I mean really, after EVERY PLAY? Now I must digress. Do I like John Harbaugh? No. He is coach of Pittsburgh’s most hated opponent; the Baltimore Ravens. Yes, we split the season with them but They are still our most hated rivals. I mean c’mon, the Ravens are the old Cleveland Browns. Jim Harbaugh used to play and he was good. I just don’t like the arrogance they both display. Harbaugh even made a comment last year about living in California. He has no idea what the STFU Filter is. But now the question remains; Who do you want to win the Super Bowl? Is it the Hated Ravens or San Fran who can equal Pittsburgh’s record of 6 Super Bowls Rings. Here’s how I look at it. If San Fran wins they will only be TYING Pittsburgh’s record. If Baltimore Wins then We’ll just have to beat up on the Super Bowl Champs in the regular season next year. Of course I’ll be more interested in the commercials anyhow.

Ray Lewis 2000 mug shot

Ray Lewis 2000 mug shot

In other Football News, Anna Welker, wife of New England Patriot Wes Welker made some unsavory comments regarding Raven’s Ray Lewis. Yes, we all know Lewis was acquitted of a murder in 2000 and obviously Anna Welker is not a member of the Ray Lewis Fan Club. She made her comments then apologized for them. They were: “Proud of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis’ Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay. What a hall of fame player! A true role model!”  Do I like Ray Lewis? No. I also think that any regular Joe, accused of Murder as Lewis was would have never been acquitted. Should Anna Welker be worried about legal repercussions from Ray Lewis? I doubt it. What could he really get her on? Definition of Character?

It will be an interesting Super Bowl to say the least. The very least actually. But I have also heard some of Steeler Nation saying they will be cheering for Baltimore this year. And I guess if one of the two bothers have to win I guess I’d rather see Baltimore then San Fran. I mean this is Ray Lewis’ final season. Pittsburgh went through it when Jerome Bettis retired so I understand what it means to Baltimore. Let’s just have a safe game with no injuries. I mean all joking aside, Winning the Super Bowl the year you retire is special. Ray Lewis would be going out on a high note I guess you could say. I just hope the money he gets from it won’t affect his AARP and Social Security benefits.  I mean what kind of retirement could he have if he breaks a hip or something. I’m sure if Baltimore wins the Super Bowl Ray Lewis’ party will be killer. Oh, sorry, I guess that was a bad choice of words.

We’ll see Pittsburgh there next year. It was tough sledding this year what with all the injuries they suffered. No matter what happens, Steeler Nation is still the greatest bunch of fans in the world in any sporting event.

With Halloween approaching I thought this would be an intersting post. In 2002 movie mania gripped Armstrong County in Western Pennsylvania. Why you ask?” Officer and a Gentleman”, Richard Gere, was in Kittanning filming a movie called; “The Mothman Prophecies”, based on John Keel’s book of the same name. The events take place in a little town in West Virginia on the Ohio River. Point Pleasant is a real place and between November of 1966 and December 1967 there were several “sightings” and other incidents that took place in Point Pleasant and the surrounding area. A creature between 6 and 7 feet tall with human legs, wings and burning red eyes was seen several times. Several events took place and ended with the collapse of the Silver Bridge  into the Ohio River during an afternoon traffic jam on December 15, 1967.

On November 15, 1966 at 11:30 p.m., two newlywed couples were driving around the TNT area. ([Note: the TNT area is an abandoned WW II munitions plant 10 miles north of Point Pleasant.] As they drove past an abandoned generator plant, one of the women, Linda Scarberry, pointed out two large, red glowing eyes staring at them from the blackness. As the huge eyes moved away from the building, they could see they were part of a large figure. A six to seven-foot-tall creature now stood in front of them. They could clearly see gigantic wings folded behind its back. It was gray and stood on legs like a man’s.

Stricken with terror, the witnesses began fleeing from the creature … As they made a curve in the road, they spotted the creature again. It was standing on a hill just looking at them. As soon as they all noticed it, it shot straight up into the air without flapping its wings.

Because he trusted the word of the four witnesses, deputy sheriff Millard Halstead drove out to the TNT area to investigate. Halstead didn’t find the Mothman, but his radio wouldn’t work while he was in the area. A loud garbled noise was all that would come out of the radio while he was there.

On December 4, 1966, five pilots were standing at the Gallipolis, Ohio airport. Gallipolis is just on the other side of the Ohio River from Point Pleasant. One of the men pointed out a strange object approaching them from the Ohio River. They quickly realized they were viewing a gigantic ‘bird’ that was silently soaring toward them at an estimated 70 mph. Its wings never flapped and the creature was rapidly moving its head from side to side.

On November 26 Ruth Foster was confronted by Mothman in her front lawn near Charleston. The next day Mothman visited a golf course in Mason and then returned to a suburb of Charleston where it harassed two girls as they passed a local junkyard.

Also in November, Mothman confronted two firemen in the TNT area. The creature terrorized five teenagers as they were driving past a rock quarry. A National Guardsman spotted Mothman standing on a tree limb in Point Pleasant. . . . In Point Pleasant, an elderly businessman went outside to hush his barking dog. Mothman stood right in front of him in his front yard. The man was stunned and transfixed by the creature’s glowing red eyes. . . .

The Silver Bridge before the December 15, 1967 Collapse

After the collapse

On December 15, 1967 at 5:00 p.m., a traffic jam occurred on the Silver Bridge at Point Pleasant. The bridge quivered, then collapsed, plunging about 50 cars and trucks into the icy waters of the Ohio River. 46 people died in what is still the worst bridge disaster in U.S. history. Some bodies and cars were never recovered and it was assumed that many people who were ‘missing’ after the bridge’s collapse were forever lost in the river.

The collapse of the Silver Bridge represented the end of the West Virginia Mothman episode.

Point Pleasant still enjoys the legend. They have a festival every year in September and even have a statue of the “Mothman” in town. In the movie, Richard Gere was getting messages that something tragic was going to happen on the Ohio River. He assumed it was something at the explosives plant. But like in the sightings from 1966 to 1967 the “Mothman” was warning them of the collapse of the Silver Bridge. The cause of the collapse is still unknown to this day. There were 46 people killed in the collapse and only 44 of the bodies were ever recovered.

This is where my post comes from. Was a lot of the “Mothman” movie embellished for Hollywood or was it more or less true? Some people say there were mothman sighting before 9-11. There are also rumors that he was spotted several times before the Chernobyl disaster. People always try and equate one thing with another. Like, I see red velvet cake before my snacking urge gets quenched. I guess there might really be something to it. The bottom line I guess is the fact that all of us enjoy a good mystery now and again. The Mothman is one of those things.  Some people say; “Of course it happened in West Virginia… It’s all the Percocets and Mt. Dew they do down there…” Nonetheless it happened there and they have documentation of it. I guess it’s one of things that will baffle mankind for ever, just like; why is Jersey Shore so popular?

Now I ask you. Is it plausible? Sure. In this day and age anything is plausible.

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