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jim harbaughjohn_harbaugh--300x300Well here we go. Super Bowl 47 is set. The San Francisco 49ers Will face the Baltimore Ravens. It has been dubbed “Harbaugh Bowl”. I call it the battle of the ball bags. The Harbaugh Brothers are known throughout the NFL for crying to the officiating staff after every play. Jim Harbaugh surprised everyone but the bookies in Las Vegas with his team’s come from behind victory against the Atlanta Falcons. Of Course his brother showed that Baltimore can win… Even a fixed game. Tom Brady played worse than Paul Crew in the movie “The Longest Yard”. I’ve seen poor performances before but New England’s Poor Play last Sunday against Baltimore  was the worst acting job since Jean-Claude Van Damme in ANY of his movies. No my dear readers, the outcome of both Championship Games was decided before any of the teams ever took the field.

Can the Harbaugh Brother’s coach? Well, they are not the worst coaches in the NFL but I would like to see less crying and whining during the game. Yes, there will be questionable calls, but that is part of sports. Should the referee’s be stepped to when they blow it? Absolutely, but I mean really, after EVERY PLAY? Now I must digress. Do I like John Harbaugh? No. He is coach of Pittsburgh’s most hated opponent; the Baltimore Ravens. Yes, we split the season with them but They are still our most hated rivals. I mean c’mon, the Ravens are the old Cleveland Browns. Jim Harbaugh used to play and he was good. I just don’t like the arrogance they both display. Harbaugh even made a comment last year about living in California. He has no idea what the STFU Filter is. But now the question remains; Who do you want to win the Super Bowl? Is it the Hated Ravens or San Fran who can equal Pittsburgh’s record of 6 Super Bowls Rings. Here’s how I look at it. If San Fran wins they will only be TYING Pittsburgh’s record. If Baltimore Wins then We’ll just have to beat up on the Super Bowl Champs in the regular season next year. Of course I’ll be more interested in the commercials anyhow.

Ray Lewis 2000 mug shot

Ray Lewis 2000 mug shot

In other Football News, Anna Welker, wife of New England Patriot Wes Welker made some unsavory comments regarding Raven’s Ray Lewis. Yes, we all know Lewis was acquitted of a murder in 2000 and obviously Anna Welker is not a member of the Ray Lewis Fan Club. She made her comments then apologized for them. They were: “Proud of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis’ Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay. What a hall of fame player! A true role model!”  Do I like Ray Lewis? No. I also think that any regular Joe, accused of Murder as Lewis was would have never been acquitted. Should Anna Welker be worried about legal repercussions from Ray Lewis? I doubt it. What could he really get her on? Definition of Character?

It will be an interesting Super Bowl to say the least. The very least actually. But I have also heard some of Steeler Nation saying they will be cheering for Baltimore this year. And I guess if one of the two bothers have to win I guess I’d rather see Baltimore then San Fran. I mean this is Ray Lewis’ final season. Pittsburgh went through it when Jerome Bettis retired so I understand what it means to Baltimore. Let’s just have a safe game with no injuries. I mean all joking aside, Winning the Super Bowl the year you retire is special. Ray Lewis would be going out on a high note I guess you could say. I just hope the money he gets from it won’t affect his AARP and Social Security benefits.  I mean what kind of retirement could he have if he breaks a hip or something. I’m sure if Baltimore wins the Super Bowl Ray Lewis’ party will be killer. Oh, sorry, I guess that was a bad choice of words.

We’ll see Pittsburgh there next year. It was tough sledding this year what with all the injuries they suffered. No matter what happens, Steeler Nation is still the greatest bunch of fans in the world in any sporting event.


Hines Ward returned to Steelers headquarters yesterday to announce his retirement. Ward was cut by the Steelers earlier last week and after spending some time searching his options as a free agent, Ward decided to retire so he could end his career as a Steeler. He didn’t go through this decision alone. He spoke with someone he considered to be a “big brother”; Jerome Bettis. Bettis told him; “Your true value is always having a Steeler helmet attached to you. When you leave you don’t quite have that, you lose some of that mystique.” Bettis also said; “For a guy who’s played his entire career in Pittsburgh, I just thought it would be a shame if he put another helmet on for someone else for a year or two. He understood where I was coming from but, ultimately, he had to make the decision for himself  and I’m just glad he made a great decision.”

Wards career contained 6-1,000 yard receiving seasons, 29 games of 100 yards or more, 1,000 receptions, 85 touchdowns, 12,083 yards and was Super Bowl MPV in Super Bowl XL in 2006 when the Steelers got “One for the Thumb”. Some feel his stats are Hall of Fame worthy. This blogger feels that way as well. Ward was obviously emotional when making his announcement at Steelers headquarters. Ward said; “Today I came back to Pittsburgh to grant Steeler Nation its one last request, so, today, I’m officially retiring as a Pittsburgh Steeler. As much as I’ll miss football, my teammates, coaches, and everything about the game, I don’t want to play in any other uniform. The Black and Gold runs deep in me and I’ll remain a Steeler for life,” Ward said.

While emotions ran high at the announcement, I feel that Ward can hold his head high. He was a great ambassador of football and a man of fair play.  No matter the outcome of a play, he would smile. He was also the consummate competitor. He proved he was a champion when he took on the ballroom on Dancing With The Stars. He and partner Kym Johnson won the competition even after Johnson was taken away from one of their practices in an ambulance after sustaining a neck injury. Rumors flew that Ward and Johnson we dating. I have seen no proof either way. The way I see it, who cares.

I also believe that you will see Ward again on the Steeler sideline in the future. He is the best receiver in Steelers history and he played his entire career in Pittsburgh. I believe the Rooney’s will reward Hines for his loyalty. I look to see him join the coaching staff. With his record he would make a great receivers coach. I could also see him in the front office. No matter what Ward decides to do, you WILL see him again. My wife thinks he will go to Hollywood. She could be right.

I congratulate Ward on his stellar career and positive face of Steeler Nation. He will be in Canton some day soon and he will remain a positive fixture of the Steelers. Hines Ward is one in a million and I am thankful we had the opportunity to have Hines in Steeler Nation. ATCMC congratulates Hines Ward and we all hope to see him again soon.

As a tribute to Hines, please enjoy his ultimate career highlights. [See Video]

It is only Wednesday and this has been one of those weeks already. From the AFC Championship game to Jim Harbaugh of the Niners, there has been more criticism and whining then I have ever heard before. Not to mention two Harbaugh’s lost this past weekend, I thought that was worth mentioning.

I guess before I get into the weekend of professional sports I would be remiss to not mention the passing of Penn State coach Joe Paterno. JoPa lost his battle with lung cancer over the weekend. Many felt he followed the path of the great Bear Bryant who died a mere 28 days after retiring. Paterno had been fired in mid-November after it was learned that his long time assistant Jerry Sandusky had been molesting kids. Many felt that Paterno didn’t do enough to stop the abuse from happening or to put a stop to it. Many felt he got the short end of the stick in all of this and he was unfairly fired.  Be that as it may, many feel that JoPa chose to protect the University and the football program as opposed to making sure the abuse was swiftly dealt with. JoPa himself said; “I had no idea what to do, I had never encountered anything like this before. I reported it to my superiors.” Some feel that was enough, others feel it wasn’t. No matter what your opinion was or still is, he will be judged now and none of us will ever know the outcome.

Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith, sang the National Anthem at the AFC Championship game this past Sunday. Many thought he did a horrible job and screeched his way through it. Others said he flubbed the words around :53 of the song where it says “The bombs bursting in air…” I had to listen to the song a couple of times to even pick up on the “mistake”.  Listen to the song When you hire Steven Tyler to sing the National Anthem, he is going to sing it like Steven Tyler. I’m sorry, I thought it was really good. He sang it as I expected him to.  He didn’t sing it like Andrea Bochelli.. If that’s what you wanted, then hire Andrea Bochelli. Good Lord, really?

Most of us Steelers fans know that the Ravens will NOT be going to the Super Bowl. It came down to a last second field goal attempt to tie the game. Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff was warming up on the sidelines in preparation for his attempt. He came on to the field and even the announcers were sure it was a done deal. A 32 yard field goal is way in the wheelhouse of Cundiff. Everyone was assured the game would be tied and sent to OT. See Attempt We all know what happened. He missed. Now it was said today in an article on Yahoo that it was a mistake on the score board that made him miss.  Supposedly Cundiff has a ritual he goes through before kicking. 1st down, he does something, 2nd down, he does another thing and so on and so forth. Supposedly the wrong down was up on the Patriots score board and it screwed him up. Really? This guy is paid millions of dollars to kick field goals in any situation. What if there was :03 seconds left and the Ravens just got a first down? He choked and needs to own it, stop trying to blame voodoo for your miss. Watch the latest episode of Pittsburgh Dad on the loss.  Watch Episode

Jim Harbaugh, coach of the 49ers and brother to Ravens coach John, also lost on Sunday. The Niners saw their season end against the New York Giants in the NFC Championship game. Harbaugh though chose to show his sour grapes by dissing the state he coaches in. He made the comment to reporters when one of them asked him how he felt after loosing. He said; “That has to be a California thing. They always want to know how you feel.” I say so what. He acts like it’s a big deal. It’s not like he has never coached out there before.  He was the coach of Stanford from 2007 to 2010. Maybe he is just a ball bag like his brother and doesn’t like to discuss his feelings. He should realize that after falling short of his goal of reaching the Super Bowl with the first 49ers team to have a 13-3 record in a decade, he should be a little nicer to those from the state where he coaches. Maybe being a jagoff works for his brother (no, really it doesn’t), but Cali is a different thing all together.

As I end this short little jaunt today, it will be the Patriots and Giants in the Big Dance in a couple of weeks. NASCAR is getting ready to start in a few weeks and Pittsburgh will be back next year for their run to #7. It wasn’t their year, it happens. I thank everyone for reading and look forward to more posts in the future…

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs

Just when you thought the morons had gone away or at least were more politically correct, Terrell Suggs decided to talk shit and not do any research. When I say research, I don’t mean the Steelers/Ravens series, but who he’s talking about.

Ward schooling Keith Rivers

Suggs called out Hines Ward yesterday in a press conference. He said, and I quote, “I need you to play, I need you to play please. Put on that 86 and the smile and all that. We need all that for this game.” Suggs should talk to Keith Rivers. He was the linebacker for the Bengals. You remember him, Ward broke his jaw a few years back and if I’m not mistaken, he talked smack about Pittsburgh and Ward as well. Now I’m not a shut-in. I know trash talking is part of the game. I think it goes beyond good taste to call someone out. Actually for a lot of reasons. One, it makes it look like you are only targeting that one person and not doing what you’re supposed to do. Two, when you fail, you look like a jagoff. Proof of looking like a jagoff can be found in last year’s playoff game with the Jets. You might recall Antonio Cromartie and Eric Smith both said they were going to take care of Hines Ward. Neither did much of anything in the game and came out looking like a pair of boobs. Terrell Suggs should concentrate on the game, not putting marks on opposing players. Suggs did also say though that, “I guarantee that the world will stop for this game. There is the Super Bowl, then there’s the Raven/Steelers so everyone will be watching this game.”

No matter what happens on Sunday it will be a good game. These two teams notoriously hate each other but there is a mutual respect aside from Terrell Suggs’ moronic comments.

At least this has already happened

Texans fan; Visionary or Moron?

I understand the loyalty fans have to their teams. I mean I live in Western Pennsylvania and there are still people who go to every Pirates home game and they haven’t not  sucked for 20 years. The Browns still have the dog pound and so on and so forth. However, to adorn your body with something that hasn’t happened and probably won’t. Chris Brown of Midland Texas decided that it would happen so he got it inked. Isn’t he going to feel like a douche bag when Houston doesn’t make it through the first round of the playoffs. With his brains he could almost be a Ravens fan. Now take the artwork on the right. At least it has already happened and is a milestone that can’t be taken away or changed without laser surgery. I know that loyalty of a fan base and that is what makes sports great. From Steeler Nation to Raiders fans and all that goes along with it. I mean how many drunken idiots with painted faces and no shirts on in a blizzard do you see during game? How many of those drunken idiots are then wearing a suit and tie on Monday morning? It is what makes games what they are. I would, however, refrain from doing something that cannot be removed after the game.

I guess as I end this I just want to say that certain games create a certain kind of buzz. The Steelers/Ravens has always been one of those games. Terrell Suggs was right, this game is probably as big as the Super Bowl to the fans of Pittsburgh and Baltimore. We love rivalries and this is one of those good ones. Let’s cheer on our favorite team and watch Pittsburgh avenge the immolation they suffered opening day.


Brady got pummeled on Sunday

The Patriots came to Heinz Field expecting to walk away with yet another “W”. Sunday, October 30, 2011, was not the case. Brady said in a press conference yesterday that Pittsburgh does the same thing every week and they just weren’t prepared.  I don’t think this was the case. I still think they thought it was going to be an easy day. They came in with a chip on their shoulder and the Black and Gold promptly knocked it off.  The defense was in Brady’s kitchen all day to the point that number 12 spent more time on the turf than the grounds crew.  Lamar Woodley sacked him twice and forced him out of the pocket more than that. Brady never got a good rhythm going and he just looked uncomfortable all day. To Steeler Nation it proved what we always knew: Brady is a good quarter back but when he gets frazzled he is horrible. To me it served him right. Last year when the Patsies won 39-27, Brady scored one of the touchdowns then in true douche bag status, taunted Steeler Nation. Let’s see, how well did that work out for the Tennessee Titans? They haven’t been better than a .500 team since they stomped on the towel at Heinz Field way back in that playoff game. In fact they went how long without a win? Their QB Vince Young was shot and killed in a love triangle, their head coach Jeff Fisher got shit canned and Clay Travis is still a fan. To those of you who forgot, Clay Travis is the lip moving reader that bashed Myron and the towel last year before the Super Bowl.

Keisel sacks Brady

Keisel's game winning sack

Brady got a new endorsement deal

The game was sealed with under 2 minutes to go when Keisel got to Brady and smacked the ball out of his hands and it rolled out of the back of the end zone for a safety. Before that the score was 23-17 and Brady had enough time to engineer a comeback. However, Pittsburgh had been controlling the game all day so there was no reason to stop now. Lamar Woodley had been taken out due to an injury so for the last quarter and a half  Brady wasn’t sacked or hurried as much. Keisel however didn’t want to be left out so he picked a very opportune time to get to Brady again. He knocked the ball out of Brady’s hand and as Polamalu was going for it he inadvertently knocked it out of the back of the end zone. ooops! Pittsburgh continued to roll and nothing was going to stop them. I must apologize to Steeler Nation. I hate playing New England because of the problems we ALWAYS seem to have with them. I have to admit I was not very optimistic but the Steelers came out and marched right down the field on their first possession. Then they controlled the ball for pretty much the entire first quarter and the first half. Brady was man-handled and left Heinz Field battered, bruised and with his ego a little less shiny. The boys played some great smash-mouth football and Brady and the rest of the boys were just unprepared to play their worst enemy.

This is called Tebowing, I call it stupid

Tim Tebow, the QB for the Denver Broncos, is in the spotlight again. He was lauded as a hero after engineering a comeback against Miami. Okay, a comeback against Miami makes him great? That’s like the Steelers engineering a comeback against my old High School team. Please. If he didn’t suck as much as he does that would have never even happened. Now there is a new craze called Tebowing. It’s when you drop to one knee and pray, irregardless of what your teammates may be doing. How this gets connected to him might be a joke but kneeling and praying has been around sports for ever. Tebow probably needed something to take the focus off of his horrible play. All of the powers that be could see that Tebow needed work to be good which was why Kyle Orton was named starter in August. Of course with the team going 2-5 they needed to do something. They brought in Tebow off of the bench and he ran a comeback against Miami, a team that is so bad even the Cleveland Browns say they suck. Was it too much pressure for such a young QB? Maybe, but nonetheless it is what it is. Denver needs to do something before the next thing associated is called Te-Blowing… That’s where you are so bad you even make the Dolphins and Colts looks good.

We have Baltimore back in the house this Sunday night. After the 35-7 beat down in week one most thought Pittsburgh would be lucky to be 4-4 at the halfway point in the season. The Ravens have struggled against teams that Pittsburgh has dominated. Arizona was dominating them last week until Joe Flacco finally decided to play. However they were embarrassed by Jacksonville on Monday night football the week before that. I actually felt bad for John Harbaugh. He proved he was only a mediocre coach and hopefully that will carry through to this weekend… To that end, Enjoy this fight song, Drink up yinz bitches.   The funniest part of this song is the fact that the singer is from Baltimore. Go Steelers!!! Let’s make it 5 in a row!!

6 On the way to 7

As I look at the clock the time is getting near.  At this point of the week it doesn’t really what all the little side stories were all week.  Ben was seen out with his offensive linemen, oh my God!  Ben out with his friends, and on his best behavior.  Oh the humanity!!  I did read that Ben was seen speaking to a female cashier at a Dallas convenience store while getting his change from a pack of gum.  Oh my goodness, and he’s getting married!  See how ridiculous this is?  Roger Goodell came out (no, not out of the closet, he’s still in there) when asked how he would feel, after his situations will Ben Roethlisberger and James Harrison, to hand one of those two the MVP Trophy or the Super Bowl Trophy.  Goodell said that he would be proud to hand the trophy to either one of them.  Uh huh, yeah right.  I’m sure, even though he said he can’t cheer for one team or the other, he is hoping Green Bay wins.  Because even though he said he would be proud to hand the trophy to one of them he would probably rather kiss Rex Ryan’s feet.

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Markice Pouncey

I guess the biggest Steelers news is the fact that even though they both practiced this week, Aaron Smith and Markice Pouncey will  be unable to play today.  Smith suffered a torn triceps muscle early in the season and Markice Pouncey with a high ankle sprain against the Jets.  Neither were able to complete the full work out with the team so coach Mike Tomlin had no choice but to scratch them from the active roster for the game.  Of course in true Steeler fashion they will both be on the sideline with the team and I’m sure neither will be trying to Tyler Brayton someone or Tweeting during the game.  I hate to see them not play but it’s better than not being able to play ever again.

Mike Tomlin

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin will join an elite group of coaches today by coaching his 2nd Super Bowl in his first four seasons.  If he wins, he will join Joe Gibbs as the only other coach to win 2 Super Bowls in their first four seasons.  What does Tomlin say about the hype?  Not much at all.  He refuses to get all veklempt over it.  I’m sure he is excited but he does an awesome job of not showing it.  His routine last night with the team?  The team is at an undisclosed hotel where they had red velvet cake and ice cream before bed last night.  Today they have no formal schedule.  It is going a long day leading up to the big game.  Tomlin tried to remain stoic and focused all week.  One reporter even asked him to smile and he replied, “No, that’s alright.”  He did smile towards the end of the press conference.  Tomlin is a good coach and seems to be the shot in the arm Pittsburgh needed.  Let’s go Mike!

"Fear the Beard"

There were many silly things that came out of this week.  Brett Keisel’s beard was voted the best NFL beard ever.  Keisel laughed as always and took it in stride.  He started growing it around June last year.  He was a little upset at some accusations made about him though.  “I have been accused of using beard enhancing drugs.  “Not true,” he said.  “I use shampoo and conditioner on it and periodically comb the birds and squirrels out of it but that’s all.”  Don’t worry Brett, we know it’s all natural.  It’s only the haters trying to stir something up.  No matter what the new gossip is today, it’s just someone trying to stir some sensational scandal before game time.  No matter though.  The Steelers have been dealing with drama all year long.  They will whatever it takes today.

My-Ron, My-Ron

As the time winds down we all get ready for what is hopefully a great game.  The Steelers are returning to Super Bowl 45 with 19 returning starters from Super Bowl 43.  No one knows what will happen today.  All I can say is I hope Myron has one more left in him.  He will be looking down from that big broadcast booth in the sky and giving the team a “Double Yoi!”  Win loose or draw, the Black and Gold is my team and always will be.  No matter what the haters say, Pittsburgh is truly a dynasty and one that will be hard to imitate.  So wave your towel and send the Cheese Heads back to Green Bay.  As I go get ready for the game I’ll leave you with some of the best fight songs from this year.  STEELERS-STEELERS!!!

A Yinzer Anthem

LeBeau Zone Blitz

Pittsburgh Steelers Polka 2011

Here We Go


NFLPA Executive assistant Director of External Affairs; George Attallah

Steelers owner Ambassador Dan Rooney

As I sit to write this today I look up at the clock and see that we are around 35 hours till kick off of Super Bowl 45.  As time clicks away there are some more news stories that aren’t really earth-shaking but worth mentioning non the less.  The NFL Players Association had come up with an ad regarding the possible impending player lock out later this winter with a simple message – “Let Us Play”.  CBS College Sports refuse to allow the commercial to air.  The move had surprised many people.  The NFL approved the ad but CBS refused to accept the commercial.  An agreement was reached a year ago for the airtime with CBS but they are saying not so.  CBS claims they denied the commercial last October but the NFLPA said they didn’t even submit the ad until January.  Well since CBS won’t let the ad air, I thought I would put it on here.  C’mon folks, it’s sports.  I know it’s a big money maker but the NFL is going to have problems.  They want to ad 2 games to the regular season making it an 18 game season.  99% of the players are against it because of safety.  One major team owner said he is against the 18 game season.  He knows it is just a move to make money.  Pittsburgh Steelers Owner Ambassador Dan Rooney said: “I am not for an 18 game season, I don’t need the money.”  Dan Rooney is one of most respected team owners (if not the most respected) and I’m sure his words are going to carry a lot of weight with the other owners and the NFL.  Here is the ad CBS refused to air.  Let Us Play And here is the follow up ad.  Let It Air

Steelers Linebacker James Harrison

Roger Goodell probably doesn’t have James Harrison’s number on speed dial so it’s safe to say he won’t be expecting support for an 18 game season.  In fact Harrison has been quite outspoken against adding 2 games.  Harrison said via PFT; “I don’t think it’s a good thing if you are concerned about player safety.  It’s about them making money.” […]  “The biggest thing that hurt them was when Mr. Rooney came out and said he would rather it stay at 16 games and that he doesn’t need the money.” Harrison said.  “He’s the main voice and the most respected voice among the owners.  He came out and said exactly what it is.  It’s about them making money.  It’s not about us.  With them talking about player safety and all this fine stuff, that’s just a show to make them look better.  It’s something to give the people something to look at and think they are doing something positive.”  It seems to me that Harrison won’t be the only to speak out against the 18 game season, he’s just the first one we have heard about.  Mr. Goodell is going to have to actually do some work to convince people it’s not about the money…Of course we all know it is so he is pretty screwed.

Martin Reese's 1983 MercedesPlayer admiration takes on all forms.  Martin Reese, the 27 year old art teacher from Daytona Beach Florida, spent about 90 hours customizing his 1983 Mercedes 300D into a rolling tribute to the 6 Time Super Bowl Champions.  It features a hand-painted black and gold paint job with Ben Roethlisberger on the passenger-side doors and tribute to Troy Palamalu on the trunk.  One writer wrote; “It’s a good thing he didn’t paint James Harrison on it or he would be hitting everything.”  Writer goes for laugh, doesn’t get.  He plans to drive to Dallas for the Super Bowl.  He doesn’t have a ticket but he is expecting to welcomed by the Steeler Nation with open arms.  I work with a guy who had tickets to Super Bowl 40 in Detriot.  He said he never went in to the stadium.  The real party was in the parking lot.  Maybe Martin Reese will have a good time anyway…

Troy Palamalu with his wig for the commercial he shot

Hines Ward showing that imatation is the highest form of flattery

It’s nice when you can see players taking time to have a little fun at their own expense.  Troy Palamalu sported an over-the-top wig when he shot his commercial for Head and Shoulders.  It’s even nicer when your team mates think enough of you to make a little fun of you as well.  I don’t have the pictures from media day this year but several Steelers took their turns under the Palamalu Wig.  Not to make fun of him but I think to show their respect for the man.  Troy is able to laugh at himself but he has no intentions of cutting his wavy locks anytime soon.

Wow! Brett Keisel wearing the Troy wig...

Ryan Clark getting in on the wig act

As we get ready for tomorrow we also must remember that whom ever wins and whom ever looses you won’t stop cheering for your team.  We love and support our teams no matter who they are, even the Browns, Bengals, Dolphins, Raider or Rams fans.  Just kidding.  We love our teams and they guys who lay it on the line every week.  Some are truly talented.  Like TO and Ochocinco who are able to Tweet and drop passes at the same time.  In closing…Let me leave you with some more fight songs… I can’t promise there will be a blog tomorrow but in case there isn’t…GO STILLERS!!!


Here We Go Steelers 2010-2011

The Pittsburgh Steelers Polka 2011

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