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Yes dear readers, it has been a while since I posted… There have been a million things going on and something had to give. I have still been watching football and NASCAR but have little time to blog.

Last week at Talladega Alabama, Tony Stewart set off a multi-car crash on the last lap. He was leading crossing the stripe to begin lap 188. Stewart had even said if someone tries to block him he will crash them… This comment was made a few weeks earlier and it was sad to see it come to fruition but someone else doing it to him. The crash shook up the points for the Championship and it is almost anybody’s race to win now. I haven’t been as religious watching as I usually am but I still try to see the results and try to catch a lap or two. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top.

Michael Vick and the Eagles visited Hinze Field this past Sunday. Vick was named MVP… By the Pittsburgh fans. The Eagles were in the red zone and Vick showed why he is not worth the 110 million he is being paid. He fumbled and Pittsburgh recovered in the end zone. He had trouble hanging on to the ball other times during the day as well. Vick Proved that unless it is a dog leash, he can’t hold on to it. Now I know I seem to hate the cross-state rival Eagles. I don’t. I don’t like Michael Vick or Any Reid. Vick should have never been allowed to re-enter the NFL after serving Federal jail time for dog fighting. Andy Reid is just a pud. He is not a good coach and a poor judge of talent. Vick has only ever played a complete season in his second year as a pro. If he finishes this season it will be a miracle. Most of his “injuries” occur after he has done something stupid, like fumble, throw an interception or completely screw up a play. Thankfully we are done with them for a few seasons until we have to beat on them again.

After the playoff game a few years back when Tennessee came to the Burgh and beat the Steelers they haven’t done much. The reason is the curse. they stomped the Terrible Towel and bad luck has befallen them ever since. Their QB Steve McNair was killed in a love triangle, Jeff Fisher was fired and they haven’t been tearing up the win column. In fact their stats have been less than impressive. Now tonight the Black and Gold travel to Tennessee after a 4-day break after beating Philly on Sunday. Now that could pose a problem but most of the Steeler faithful, myself included, don’t think it will be. As long as Pittsburgh plays their style of football and doesn’t play down to their opponent, like against Oakland, they will emerge victorious.

Anyhow, back to the curse. Myron Cope developed the towel during a playoff game in the 70’s. He was told by his bosses to come up with something to rally the fans. He told everyone to bring a yellow dish towel to Three Rivers Stadium to wave in support. Well that was it. The Terrible Towel was born. For 30 some odd years he towel has been a fixture in Steeler Nation. For the last 14 years the proceeds from the Terrible go to the Allegheny Valley School for autistic and handicapped children. Myron had a child that went there and it was his way to give back a little.

Myron Cope was a leader and a pumper upper of Steeler Nation. His unique voice and vocabulary became a fixture on Steelers broadcast with Bill Hillgrove and Tunch Ilkin. No matter what Pittsburgh was doing, winning or loosing, Myron had a way of speaking that became almost as famous as his towel. Below are the top 10 quotes from Myron.

10. “Like all copycats, they flop. Maybe they (fans) sit on them and if they take them home they use them for dust rags.” — Myron on imitation terrible towels.

9. “If that boy billionaire thinks he can shut me up, he should stick his head in a can of paint.” Myron Cope, after Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder sent someone into the broadcast booth during a game to tell Cope to stop referring to his team as the “Wash Redfaces.”

8. “I was freelance writing for Sports Illustrated and other magazines and the program director at WTAE radio said, ‘We’d like you to do commentary for us.’ I said, ‘Don’t try to kid me. I’ve heard my voice on tape.’ And he said, ‘That’s okay. Obnoxious voices are coming into style.’”

7. “Once people become inured to my voice, they listen to the content.”

6. “People may think I’m senile, but I ain’t. I thought I was a celebrity.”

5.”Okel Dokel!” Myron Cope-ism to describe something agreeable. For example, “Hey Myron, don’t the Bungals stink?” “Okel Dokel.”

4. Yoi – Yiddish saying by Myron to express shock or joy.

3. Double Yoi! — An addition to No. 4, but with more emphasis.

2. Triple Yoi! — No. 3, but with pinache. Such moments include the Immaculate Reception, Lynn Swan’s Super Bowl grab, or a sandwhich at Primatti’s (extra slaw).

1. Hum-Hah! — Used by Myron as a normal day equivalent to … well … nothing. Hum-Hah became an icon the same way Myron did; repetition and warm-heartedness. Rest in peace you cackling madman, you Dr. Cope, you Cope-a-canbana, you legend.

Myron created something special with the towel, the Titans tried to desecrate it and the curse prevailed. Tonight might be the same if Tennessee decides to go the same again.

Good luck Black and Gold…We love you win or lose…


Hopefully you all remembered to change your clocks and move them an hour ahead. It is yet another sign that the warmer weather is almost here. Not to mention it is the time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. I am in my last few days of convalescing after having my tonsils out, yes, I can hear you all shaking your head at that. Nonetheless, it was a nice weekend and we enjoyed as much of it as we could.

My wife and I have embarked on a new venture. We have begun making soaps and candles. We have stumbled across some really good scents but I think my favorite is the one we named “Woodstock”. It has a nice earthy scent and we also found an essential oil that has the distinct smell of a certain glaucoma-curing herbal treatment. We spent Saturday with my daughters making the “Woodstock” soap and another that has a nice floral scent. Sunday we made the candles. All in all it was a really nice weekend and very relaxing.

I started the “Cheeseburgers in Paradise” piece before my surgery but I have had to put it on the back burner until I’m ready to dive head-first into the heart-stoppers once again. I also have put the blogging to the side for now while we get the house and yard ready for spring and summer. There is still lots going on that I need to write about but I have put things in a list of priorities and the writing is not at the top of the list.

I am happy to say that NASCAR is in full swing and this weekend is one of my favorite tracks they race at, Bristol Tennessee. Elliott Sadler once said that racing at Bristol was like trying to fly a fighter jet in a gymnasium. I have been there to watch a race and I have to say it is really awesome. When the cars get a good green flag run going, they actually create a wind vortex that you can feel. You can also smell the racing fuel in the exhaust. For those of you that have never been to a race should try to go to one. It is an experience like nothing else on this earth. My wife’s first race was the Bristol night race. She didn’t know what to expect. I explained that it was 110,000 screaming red necks in one place. I was afraid she wouldn’t like it but she loved it and we went to races the next few years.

As the weather gets warmer we will all be able to start doing more and more activities outside and I for one am excited. i get cabin fever and being outside is the best medicine for almost everything. My family loves the outdoors and we are looking forward to spending a lot of time outside this year and possibly even going camping. I advise everyone to get out and enjoy the weather while it’s nice. I also think we will have one more good snow before it is all said and done. Hopefully we won’t go from winter right to summer like last year but even of we do, we will be out enjoying the weather.

I will get back to my “Cheeseburgers” series before long and there will be other postings as well. Until then….

Harry Hogg: “Okay, while we’re under caution I want you to go out and hit the pace car.”

Cole Trickle: “Hit the pace car?”

Harry Hogg: “Yeah, hit the pace car.”

Cole Trickle: “What for?”

Harry Hogg: “You hit every other goddamn thing out there I want you to be perfect!”

[Days of Thunder Clip]

That was from Days of Thunder where Robert Duval’s character was chiding Tom Cruise for his poor driving in a NASCAR race. I was reminded of those words after several replays of an initially horrendous appearing crash during the rain delayed Daytona 500 run on Monday night.

During a caution period about 43 laps in to the Daytona 500 Juan Pablo Montoya came on the radio telling his crew chief he felt like he had a vibration. He came around the track and there were sparks flying from under the car like he had a tire going down. The car spun sideways and he slid up the track and hit one of the Jet Dryers being used to clean the track. It caused a huge fireball initially then blew itself out. Montoya’s car was on fire and he was able to get safely out, because of the dryer being hot and there was jet fuel leaking on to the track the jet dryer caught fire again. [See Video] The crash caused a two-hour delay in a race that had already been delayed almost 36 hours for a training rain storm over Daytona Beach. Every driver was excited to get started and get the race going. With Phoenix next week, there couldn’t be too much more of a wait to get the season opener underway.

In it’s 54 year history the 500 has been rain shortened and rain delayed but never canceled. They were confident they would not have to cancel and would move heaven and hell to get the race in. Between the rain delays and Montoya’s Cole Trickle impersonation, the race that began around 7pm on Monday the 27th and ended after 1am on the 28th. It saw,as usual, a great race.

NASCAR reconfigured the cars to try and break up the big group of cars drafting around the track, but everyone found out that even two cars weren’t really that good together. In the end Matt Kenseth edged Dale Earnhardt Jr by .210 seconds. The Daytona 500 holds many different memories for many different people. I remember feeling the elation when Dale Earnhardt Sr won the 500 after 20 years of trying. I saw him lead the race on lap 199.5 and be in second on lap 200. He had cut a tire one year, ran out of fuel in another try and even hit a sea-gull one year taking him out of the lead. Then I remember watching the 2001 Daytona 500 when Dale was killed on the last lap. When Mike Helton. NASCAR President stood before the assembled press, raised his hand and said; “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have lost Dale Earnhardt.” It was a dark day and I have to admit I had lost some interest in watching NASCAR after that. My wife Michelle however got me back in to watching and I do enjoy it again. I like Dale Jr, Tony Stewart, Jeff, Jimmy, Mark Martin and those types of drivers. I hate the Busch Brothers and anyone who uses their cars as a lethal weapon. Of course that is what makes NASCAR what it is.

To conclude, the top 10 in the rain delayed Daytona 500 are as follows

1. Matt Kenseth

2. Dale Earnhardt Jr

3. Greg Biffel

4. Denny Hamlin

5. Jeff Burton

6. Paul Menard

7. Kevin Harvick

8. Carl Edwards

9. Joey Logano

10. Mark Martin

Congratulations to all the drivers and good luck to a great and safe season. I’ll blog more on up coming races and maybe have an on the scene report from one later in the season… Until then.

It is only Wednesday and this has been one of those weeks already. From the AFC Championship game to Jim Harbaugh of the Niners, there has been more criticism and whining then I have ever heard before. Not to mention two Harbaugh’s lost this past weekend, I thought that was worth mentioning.

I guess before I get into the weekend of professional sports I would be remiss to not mention the passing of Penn State coach Joe Paterno. JoPa lost his battle with lung cancer over the weekend. Many felt he followed the path of the great Bear Bryant who died a mere 28 days after retiring. Paterno had been fired in mid-November after it was learned that his long time assistant Jerry Sandusky had been molesting kids. Many felt that Paterno didn’t do enough to stop the abuse from happening or to put a stop to it. Many felt he got the short end of the stick in all of this and he was unfairly fired.  Be that as it may, many feel that JoPa chose to protect the University and the football program as opposed to making sure the abuse was swiftly dealt with. JoPa himself said; “I had no idea what to do, I had never encountered anything like this before. I reported it to my superiors.” Some feel that was enough, others feel it wasn’t. No matter what your opinion was or still is, he will be judged now and none of us will ever know the outcome.

Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith, sang the National Anthem at the AFC Championship game this past Sunday. Many thought he did a horrible job and screeched his way through it. Others said he flubbed the words around :53 of the song where it says “The bombs bursting in air…” I had to listen to the song a couple of times to even pick up on the “mistake”.  Listen to the song When you hire Steven Tyler to sing the National Anthem, he is going to sing it like Steven Tyler. I’m sorry, I thought it was really good. He sang it as I expected him to.  He didn’t sing it like Andrea Bochelli.. If that’s what you wanted, then hire Andrea Bochelli. Good Lord, really?

Most of us Steelers fans know that the Ravens will NOT be going to the Super Bowl. It came down to a last second field goal attempt to tie the game. Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff was warming up on the sidelines in preparation for his attempt. He came on to the field and even the announcers were sure it was a done deal. A 32 yard field goal is way in the wheelhouse of Cundiff. Everyone was assured the game would be tied and sent to OT. See Attempt We all know what happened. He missed. Now it was said today in an article on Yahoo that it was a mistake on the score board that made him miss.  Supposedly Cundiff has a ritual he goes through before kicking. 1st down, he does something, 2nd down, he does another thing and so on and so forth. Supposedly the wrong down was up on the Patriots score board and it screwed him up. Really? This guy is paid millions of dollars to kick field goals in any situation. What if there was :03 seconds left and the Ravens just got a first down? He choked and needs to own it, stop trying to blame voodoo for your miss. Watch the latest episode of Pittsburgh Dad on the loss.  Watch Episode

Jim Harbaugh, coach of the 49ers and brother to Ravens coach John, also lost on Sunday. The Niners saw their season end against the New York Giants in the NFC Championship game. Harbaugh though chose to show his sour grapes by dissing the state he coaches in. He made the comment to reporters when one of them asked him how he felt after loosing. He said; “That has to be a California thing. They always want to know how you feel.” I say so what. He acts like it’s a big deal. It’s not like he has never coached out there before.  He was the coach of Stanford from 2007 to 2010. Maybe he is just a ball bag like his brother and doesn’t like to discuss his feelings. He should realize that after falling short of his goal of reaching the Super Bowl with the first 49ers team to have a 13-3 record in a decade, he should be a little nicer to those from the state where he coaches. Maybe being a jagoff works for his brother (no, really it doesn’t), but Cali is a different thing all together.

As I end this short little jaunt today, it will be the Patriots and Giants in the Big Dance in a couple of weeks. NASCAR is getting ready to start in a few weeks and Pittsburgh will be back next year for their run to #7. It wasn’t their year, it happens. I thank everyone for reading and look forward to more posts in the future…

2012 is just about here. As 2011 fades into the sunset we remember some of the more memorable events of the past year. Some were shocking, some were discouraging and some I just have no words for at all. Be that as it may, this is my rundown of some of the more memorable events of the past year.

Penn State and Jerry Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky

Joe Paterno

This was a story involving the sexual abuse of about 8 kids that not only involved Sandusky but ended up costing several key figures at Penn State their jobs. One of the most prominent was head football coach Joe Paterno. Many felt that Paterno didn’t do enough once he was made aware of the alleged sexual abuse involving Sandusky. After the scandal broke more and more young adults came forward claiming to have been sexually abused by Sandusky. Since the beginning of this entire debacle many students have been transferring from Penn State to complete their degree elsewhere because they no longer want to have any ties to PSU.

Gary Shultz

Mike McQueary

Also shit-canned and now facing charges along with Sandusky are Gary Shultz and then coaching assistant Mike McQueary. McQueary, as you may recall, allegedly saw Sandusky assaulting a juvenile in the shower and according to him said that he made sure the event was ended before leaving. Yeah right. Did you remove that child from the situation? No. You left him there and didn’t really do much to report it. You saw that child and the fear in his eyes and you chose to protect your job. Just as Joe Paterno chose to protect the football program, your actions harmed more children. You deserve to rot in hell like every other goddamn child molester. I hope it’s hot enough for you there.

South Fulton Tennessee Pay for Spray

Gene Cranick

Vicky Bell

After as much media attention as the South Fulton Tennessee fire department received last year after letting Gene Cranick’s house burn to the ground when he forgot to pay a $75 fire protection fee, they went ahead and did it again this year. The difference this time was the fact that Vicky Bell refused to pay it, she didn’t forget. The Mayor, David Crocker defends the 20-year-old policy by stating that if they allowed people to pay after the fact, there would be no incentive to pay the fee at all. Okay, I understand your thinking, but this isn’t garbage service we are talking about here, this is public safety. I fail to see how charging residents who live outside of South Fulton makes you right. The Mayor said that it is hard to answer all the calls and maintain the upkeep on equipment and staffing without the fee. Really? There are departments that have been doing it for years and years. Most feel it is like being extorted by your fire department. My suggestion is simple. If it is so hard to respond to those pesky calls for help, give up the area and let another department handle the area, one that isn’t hung up on money, one that is hung up on saving lives and property.

"The Don" David Crocker

The International Association of Fire Fighters thinks that the practice is reckless. They feel that a fire fighter shouldn’t have to check a list before they respond to a call to see if the home owner has paid the fee or not. It just astounds me that no one has stepped in and made South Fulton change their policy. It further astounds me that there have been no law suits. When Vicky Bell’s home burnt to the ground, the fire department stood idly by and watched as she and her boyfriend kept going back in to salvage as much as they could. Mayor Dave Crocker said that even in an instance where the home owner hasn’t paid the fee, they will do what they need to do to protect or save a life. Sounds like it. Why don’t you and the rest of your gun-toting, red neck fire fighters, (and I use that term fire fighters loosely), stick to rolling tourists or beating up old ladies for their pension checks. Leave the fire fighting to those who actually care about fighting fires.

Kate Gosselin

Kate "The Coopin Blogger" Gosselin

I had done a pretty good job staying away from this poor excuse for a human being this year but I have to admit, when her show got cancelled I actually smiled a little. We watched her abuse her eight kid gravy train for years so she could get her personal enhancement surgeries. Even though she swore she was still doing the show to make money to care for her kids. Right and chickens have pyorrhea. We all know that she loved the fame and attention but as the show drew to a close those around her the most, including assistants and those who actually took care of her kids, were getting sick of her. She abused everyone around her. It was an inevitable conclusion to the woman who made Marge Schott look like Julie Andrews.

As a footnote to all of this, it was reported a few months ago that she had a new job; as a coupon blogger. I have no idea what the eff that is but it sounds like it was the laziest job she could get. Why didn’t she return to being a nurse, you know a job that actually meant something. Oh, that’s right she would have to go through life anonymous if she did that. Is it really that hard to take care of your kids? I don’t know what a coupon blogger is and frankly don’t want to. I mean who would actually take her advice, if that is what she does. In my opinion she got too greedy and ended up where she deserved. Hopefully her ex-hubby is around to take care of the kids and give them what they need while she is coupon blogging.

Suspensions, Fines and All-Around Poor Sports

Ndumkong Suh

This year in sports has seen some of the worst sportsmanship ever from those so-called professionals. First and foremost on the list is Ndumkong Suh of the Detroit Lions. He was the first recipient of the ATCMC Sports Disgrace of the Year award given for the first time this year. He was tossed from the Thanksgiving Day game against the Packers and was subsequently suspended for 2 games and fined following that for stomping an offensive lineman from the Packers. [See Video] He tried to give some unbelievable half-assed story for what he did but it still doesn’t wash. [See Video] After being in the league for a mere 18 months he has racked up 9 personal fouls. Detroit better get him under control soon before he really hurts someone with his poor attitude.

Kyle Busch

Kurt and Kyle Busch from NASCAR are the next two on my list of sports miscreants. Both have received big sanctions from the NASCAR governing body for their on and off track behavior. Kyle Busch was suspended during the fall race in Texas for an on-track dust-up with Ron Hornady. Both drivers were racing in the truck event Friday night when they touched and both drivers went in to the retaining wall sustaining what looked like minor damage. Kyle Busch though was apparently angered by Hornaday’s decision to move up the track to pass a slower truck causing Honaday and Busch to touch. Busch’s reaction was to slam Hornaday’s truck causing both drivers to slam the wall totaling both trucks and taking them out for the rest of the race. [See Video] Busch was registered for the Nationwide and Sprint Cup races there the following two days but was suspended for his actions. He was also fined and docked championship points. His primary sponsor M&M/Mars also pulled out for the remaining two races of the 2011 season.

Kurt Busch

Kurt Busch was fired from Penske Racing following an expletive laced interview with ESPN’s Dr. Jerry Punch after the elder Busch Brother sustained transmission problems in the season finale at Miami/Homestead. [See Video] He even went as far as to call Dr. Punch a mother blankedy blanker. His crew chief Steve Addington jumped ship the following Monday and Busch was fired later in the week. Busch claims that the split was unanimous and that he was not fired. He said he felt it was time they parted ways. Well yeah, he’s done all the more damage he can there. Anyone with half a brain knows he was shit-canned and rightfully so. I wonder if he kisses his mother with that potty mouth of his. It is a shame that these idols that kids look up to and admire don’t meet the minimum standards of good sportsmanship and fair play.

The Castle Doctrine and The Death Penalty

Governor Tom Corbet

New Governor Tom Corbet re-worked the Castle Doctrine this past year and it has already affected two pending cases since that time. For those of you who don’t know what this doctrine is about, I’ll give you the very abridged version. Basically what it means is if someone is trying to break in and threaten your home, you have the right to use lethal force. It was changed to include living space as an attached deck or porch. A man in Somerset County was in jail awaiting trial for shooting his wife’s lover when the man came to his house threatening him. He was carrying a weapon and the husband shot him with a bow and arrow killing him. The husband said it was in self-defense and under the Castle Doctrine he did nothing wrong so no charges were filed by the DA. Another case comes from New Castle in Lawrence County where a would-be burglar was shot and killed on Thanksgiving Day by the owner of a home he was attempting to unlawfully enter. No charges were filed in that case either. The Castle Doctrine is a step in the right direction to allowing us to protect our homes and family.

There is also a bipartisan task force being formed by the State Senate to look over the Death Penalty. In 2007 a panel from the American Bar Association said that Pennsylvania’s death penalty is flawed with insufficient safeguards to protect the innocent and avoid racial or economic bias. The last person executed in Pennsylvania was in 1998. That was the infamous mass murderer Gary Heidnik from Philadelphia. In fact in the last 50 years there have only been 3 people put to death. Governor Corbet has signed upwards of 9 ceremonial death warrants since taking office in January. I am not opposed to the death penalty but I also believe if we are not going to use it then we need to get rid of it. What purpose is served by spending the extra money for a death penalty trial as opposed to a 1st degree murder trial then not execute someone. It is nothing more that a waste of money. Can the death penalty if you are not going to use it. It harms the families of the victims as well. They are forced to live with the notion that the life of the killer was more valuable and meaningful than the life of the victim.

Craig Morgan, Jeff Gordon and Bret Kiesel

Craig and Karen Morgan

Kiesel before and after

I did a small entry earlier in the year on how some celebrities do small things to help a larger group and I found that to them, all they had to do was something so simple that many didn’t notice it at all. Craig Morgan and his wife started Billy’s Place. It is a home for kids displaced from their homes in Dickson County Tennessee to go to when they need shelter. When he worked as a deputy sheriff he saw many kids having to sleep on cots or couches at children’s services until a foster home could be found. He decided if he was ever in the position to do something for them he would. Now that he is a successful country music singer he and his wife Karen have given back. He also holds charity rides every year to continue raising money for the project.

Jeff Gordon teamed with AARP for the 2011 racing season to raise money for a program to assist older Americans. It was called the Drive to End Hunger. Gordon said that he was shocked when he learned that there are a lot of elder people in our country that, through no fault of their own, just don’t have enough to eat. By driving his car every week he helped raise thousands of dollars for this program.

Bret “The Diesel” Kiesel was able to raise over $30,000 this past year by shaving off his famous beard. Kiesel is involved in many charitable organizations and is never afraid to help out in some way. The fundraiser was attended by hundreds including some of his past and present team mates.

Strikes and Ballroom Dancing

The past year has seen a lot from the Pittsburgh Steelers. After suffering a loss in Super Bowl 42 to the Green Bay Packers, the Black and Gold along with every other team in the NFL had a shortened pre-season due to the players strike. Once everything was all worked out the training camps were cut short but the only game that was lost was the Hall of Fame Game in Canton Ohio. Now the Steelers are waiting for the end of week 17 and the outcome of several games to find out whom and when they will play. If they beat Cleveland on New Years day and the Ravens lose to Cincinnati then the Steelers have a first round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Bengals also need to win on Sunday to be in the playoffs at all. If the Steelers and Ravens both win, the Ravens will win the AFC North with home field advantage. In that case the Steelers would either play the Broncos or the Raiders the following Sunday. Either way the Black and Gold are in the playoffs and hopefully the road to win their 7th Super Bowl.

Hines and Troy cuttin' a rug

Steelers Troy Polamalu, Bret Kiesel and Hines Ward took part in a Head and Shoulders commercial in the off-season. [See Video] Troy is already the well-known spokesman for the shampoo but during the shooting for the commercial Hines Ward took some time out to show both Troy and Bret some steps. The whole thing was caught on a flip cam blew up you tube. [See Video]. It was nice to see the lighter side of these guys and the fact that they have a sense of humor too. If you remember, in Troy’s first Head and Shoulders commercial he introduced us to Polamalacules, the things that make Head and Shoulders work so well.

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehn, Adieu

As 2011 closes hopefully we can look back and remember the good things from this year. Let’s go in to 2012 with a positive outlook for all things to improve. We all need to remember that the future is ours and we can make it anything we want. I almost forgot one of the Biggest stories of the year and that is combat operations are over in Iraq and almost all of the soldiers have returned home to their loved ones. The staff at ATCMC wishes all of you a safe, happy and prosperous 2011. God Bless.

It's on the way

Ndamukong Suh

Not to anyone’s surprise, Ndamukong Suh has won ATCMC’s first annual “2011 Sports Disgrace of the Year”. Winning with 62% of the votes it wasn’t even close. The Busch brothers were 2nd and 3rd. Stevie Johnson was 4th . There were 2 votes for Baltimore ball-bag John Harbaugh and one for Jerry Sandusky. We tried to call Suh on the phone but we could not reach him. When we called the Lion’s training facility we were told he was in the middle of his daily workout. We found him down the street at a local nursing home. At first we thought he was performing some type of community service. Then we heard him yell, “Pull!” At which time an elderly resident came sailing down the hallway in their wheel chair. Suh horse-collared and drug the resident to the floor then stomped them into submission. We didn’t want to get our currier trashed so we had them drop the coveted award off at the stadium.

He helped himself win the award by his actions in the Thanksgiving Day game with Green Bay, [See Related Video], and then by his subsequent interview on his ejection from the Thanksgiving game and other unsportsmanlike calls this and last season. [See Related Video.] I did have to laugh when he spoke of the incident against Green Bay. He said he was trying to get up and was being held down that was why it looked like he was bouncing Dietrich-Smith’s head off the turf. Right. Pull the left one, it plays Jingle Bells. He said, “I know what I was doing, so does the man upstairs.” At first I thought he was referring to God then I realized he meant Roger Goodell who considers himself higher than God. I couldn’t believe he was trying to defend his actions. Obviously he must think we are as blind as the referees that call the games or watch the replays. We congratulate Suh on aiming so low and finishing so far out in front, (or is it behind) of the other sports degenerates to take the first ever award issued in this category. I think it will look good proudly displayed on the wall of his trailer. Some of you might think I am only basing Suh’s award on his conduct in the TG day Green Bay game. I think it needs to be stated that Suh has only been in the League a year and a half and has already racked up 9 count them 9 personal fouls. Some people have called that statistic shocking. I call it appalling. What in the eff are they doing up there in Detroit? How can they allow this type of player behavior? Perhaps it is not all Suh’s fault. Perhaps the Lions coaching staff needs looked at. This is something they should be all over. If they are trying to get him to change his ways and he is not listening then maybe they should take their own disciplinary action instead of waiting for the Roger Goodell Dictatorship, sorry, I meant the NFL, to take action. His conduct is not excusable. There should be no confusing intensity with nothing more than poor sportsmanship.

"Disgrace" Runner up Kyle Busch

Kurt Busch

As long as I am mentioning poor sportsmanship I would be remiss if I didn’t say that 3rd place in our voting, Kurt Busch, is no longer driving for Roger Penske. After his potty-mouth rant and expletive-ridden comments to and about ESPN pit reporter Dr. Jerry Punch at Miami-Homestead, [See Related Video], it was inevitable that he got fired. His crew chief Steve Addington left the team to join 2011 Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart’s team (Stewart is the owner/driver), Monday following the season finale. It truly comes as no surprise to me that Kurt Busch would lose his ride. He has always had a big mouth and ill temper. It just surprised me it took this long for there to be substantial fallout. Kurt’s brother Kyle is not faring much better. After his on-track dust-up with Ron Honaday at Texas, [See Related Video], and Busch’s subsequent weekend suspension from racing there his primary sponsor, M&M/Mars bailed for the final two races. Some sources close to Busch say that they will return but there may be conditions. Hopefully both of these drivers cut their shit before they kill someone. Both have had on-track issues with other drivers so unless there is some kind of action now it could have a disastrous outcome the next time one of the ball-bag brothers loses his temper.

Harrison says hello to McCoy

In more not-so-surprising news, Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison has been suspended for Monday night’s game against San Francisco. No one was surprised because the only game Pittsburgh could possibly lose in their final three is against the 49ers. Of course it would stand to reason they would suspend him for just 1 game, that one. Harrison appealed his suspension but he already had three strikes against him. #1. He plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. #2. His name is James Harrison. #3. Pittsburgh is playing a team coached by Jim Harbaugh. His brother is the sniveling whiner coach of the Baltimore Ravens. Anyone who thinks Pittsburgh isn’t going to take one up the tail pipe Monday night, raise your hand… That’s what I thought.

He was suspended for helmet to helmet contact with Colt McCoy in last Thursday night’s game against the Cleveland Browns. It appeared to be a legal hit because McCoy was out of the pocket and was acting like a runner. He managed to dump the ball before the colon cleansing hit but nonetheless, he was taught the lesson of trying to run down James Harrison’s side of the field. [See Related Video.] Now the main reason for the suspension, according to the NFL, is the fact that Harrison is a repeat offender. Okay, we’ll concede that fact. But there are a lot of other ones in the league and for some reason they are left alone. I guess it could be a lot worse. When Harrison was injured in the game with the Texans, and gee go figure, there was no penalty on the play, Pittsburgh had enough fine replacements that they went on a 4 game winning streak. There are reports that Charlie Batch might get the start if Ben Roethlisberger is unable to play due to discomfort from the high-ankle sprain he suffered in the Cleveland game. We should remember that while he went to the locker room before the 1st half was over, he started the third quarter and finished the game. Hopefully that will continue here and they are able to emerge victorious on Monday night.


We here at ATCMC are constantly looking for the new and edgy. After seeing a lot of poor sportsmanship and behavior by men that our kids look up to and try to emulate I decided I had enough of these supposed grown ups acting like they were 6. To that end I have decided to try something new here and I have added an interactive poll. After I list the nominees, you will have the opportunity to cast your vote and see who will be crowned “2011 Sports Disgrace of the Year”.

Ndamukong Suh – Detroit Lions

Suh #90

Our first nominee is Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions. He has been called one of the dirtiest players in the NFL. Not because he plays hard but because of the cheap shots. He has no problem taking a play that little bit extra to try and be  dominant. Thanksgiving Day was just another example of his childish and unsportsmanlike play. The packers were up 7-0 and in the red zone on a 3rd and goal. The Lions had held them to a field goal but Suh decided that he needed to be a jag off. Getting out of the pile at the line of scrimmage he stomped Packers offensive lineman Evan Detrich-Smith.  See Video  Therefore he gave the packers another chance and put them closer to goal line. He is only the first nominee on today’s list.

Kyle Busch – NASCAR

NASCAR Driver Kyle Bush

Next on our list is NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch. He has shown his disregard for other drivers his entire career. He will wreck someone instead of passing them. Last year was proof when he was placed on probation for part of the season in the Nationwide Series for on track skirmishes and intentionally wrecking Brad Keselowski at Bristol last spring.  In the night race at Bristol in August, Busch once again crashed Keselowski but the NASCAR powers that be and their seeing eye dogs said it was just good hard racing. Busch himself even admitted he intentionally crashed him. Now this year he proved that things have not changed. In the November 4th truck race at Texas Motor Speedway, Kyle Busch and Ron Hornaday touched as Hornady was attempting to pass a slower car. Both cars hit the wall but only sustained minor damage. During the caution period, Busch decided he wasn’t happy and punted Hornady head first into the wall. See Video. Because of his behavior, He lost his Primary Sponsor on his Cup Car, M&M Mars for the final two races of the season. They have not confirmed if they will be back in 2011.  He is our second nominee today.

Kurt Busch – NASCAR

NASCAR Driver Kurt Busch

Next on our list for consideration of Sports Disgrace is Kyle Busch’s older brother Kurt who is also known for his asshole-like behavior. He gained prominence a few years ago with his tirades and poor sportsmanship. He was also suspended for one race after getting punched in the mouth by Jimmy Spencer for intentionally trying to damage the aerodynamics of Spencer’s car at Michigan. Spencer was also fined and suspended. Now Busch is back to his old ways and making his team owner, sponsors and fans oh so proud. In the season finally at Miami-Homestead Busch had mechanical problems. An ESPN Reporter Dr. Jerry Punch (yes, he’s a real ER doctor) was waiting to interview Busch when he showed just how unprofessional and childish he really is.  See Video. He proceeds to curse Dr. Punch out which shocked all of us. His team was forced to send apologies to Dr. Punch, Busch’s sponsors and fans. To add to the backlash, Busch’s crew chief Steve Addington has left the team and joined with Driver/Owner Tony Stewart and his program. Perhaps NASCAR is not the proper Venue for either Busch brother. Maybe they should, oh gee, I don’t know, maybe just grow up and remember they are role models for our kids and should act the part.

Stevie Johnson – Buffalo Bills

Last on our list of miscreants is Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Stevie Johnson, known for his ridiculous antics and touchdown celebrations. In the November 27th game where the Bills played cross-state rival Jets, Stevie Johnson showed just hoe Terrell Owens he really is. After a scoring on a short yardage play, he went in to his immature celebration in which he made fun of Jets receiver Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the thigh then mocking Santonio Holmes flying like a jet. Then Johnson crashed to the turf in some sort of juvenile display. See Video. True, most of us laughed but the process drew a 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct and could possible draw a fine and suspension from the league. We all know how Roger Goodell is with levying fines. A lot of us wonder where the money goes. I mean is his new mansion finished yet?

Please vote accordingly and vote often. I will post the results in our end of year post. We might even let the winning disgrace know and ask him where he’d like his award sent.

Well, it’s no secret that the Steelers lost a nail biter at home Sunday night. I could say the officiating sucked but I would only be half right. The Black and Gold played like shit. They weren’t horrible but there was some really bone head things that lead to their downfall. I will never say they got out-coached because John Harbaugh is a joke. It was nice to have James Harrison back in the lineup and he chimed in with 3 sacks on Joe Flacco. But with the officials helping out a floundering club, Pittsburgh didn’t stand a chance. Several times the officials made heinous calls that were instantly picked up on by the announcers. For Chris Collensworth to agree with Pittsburgh, it is obvious that they were awful calls, each one keeping a Baltimore drive alive. Then a questionable delay-of-game call knocking Pittsburgh out of field goal range sealed their fate. In the end the final was 23-20 in favor of Baltimore, putting Pittsburgh at 0-2 in the AFC North and 6-3 overall. We have Cincinnati next week and they have proven to be a formidable team this year. Let’s hope they can bounce back and beat the Bengals or it is going to be rough sledding the rest of the year.

Kyle Bush

NASCAR Douche Bag, sorry, bad boy Kyle Bush was fined $50,000 and suspended this past weekend for an on-track incident Friday night in the Texas truck race. On lap 14 Ron Horniday and Kyle Bush were side-by-side. Horniday had to move up the track to go around a slower car. Bush crowded him and they touched. Both drivers brushed the wall and the caution came out. Kyle Bush, showing the immaturity he possesses, Slammed Horniday head first into the wall. At the end of the race Bush and his crew chief were called to the NASCAR trailer and the sanction was handed down. He wrote an open letter over the weekend apologizing for his actions. I think it’s too little too late. Joe Gibbs, his Sprint Cup team owner, was none too pleased. I read several articles covering the incident and they all said that Bush will not learn from this and should be fired by Joe Gibbs racing. We will keep an eye on this and keep you filled in.

Down to one team so far

The moon was in the 7th house and Jupiter aligned with Mars because the Dolphins actually won Sunday. In the race to be the shittiest team in the NFL, the Colts are the only team left winless in the battle for possible savior QB, Andrew Luck. Beating the Chiefs 31-3, the Dolphins are not as shiny as they were last week. St. Louis beat New Orleans last week leaving but Indy and Miami as the only winless teams. Now with the Dolphins actually showing up to play Sunday, they might have just ended their chances for Luck. If Indy stays winless they just might have that all important 1st overall draft pick.  Of course, reading different articles and what I have written here previously, Luck might not be all he’s made out to be. Does he play in a tough division like the SEC or Big East? No, he plays in the PAC 12 and they are not known for their powerhouse teams. I guess we will see come the end of the season. Things have a way of changing week to week so what seems to be the thing this week might not be next.

Dr. Feel Good

He’s the one they call Dr. Feel Good, he’s the one to make you feel alright…” Motley Crue sang in their song from the 80’s. Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Most felt that a guilty verdict was a foregone conclusion in the case but many wondered how much time he would get. Dubbed Dr. Feel Good by the press, the jury unanimously felt that Murray was solely responsible for administering the fatal dose of Propofol to Jackson. It was reported that Jackson had been suffering from insomnia and used Propofol as a sleep agent even though it is normally used in surgical procedures. All of the Jackson family was present as the verdict was read with the exception of Jackson’s 3 children. Jackson’s parents, Joe and Katherine, said, “We have been waiting for this moment for a very long time and we couldn’t hold back tears of joy in the courtroom. Even though nothing can bring back out son, justice has been served.” Dr. Feelgood will be sentenced on November 29th. As of now he is looking at the following possible sanctions: probation, a revoked medical license and potentially 4 years in prison. Hey, he killed someone and that is all he is looking at? He needs to go away for the rest of his life. Having worked in the medical profession I think it is absolutely abhorrent for someone to abuse his profession the way Murray did. Not to mention he took someone’s life for money. I’m not saying someone paid him to kill Jackson, I’m saying he was being paid to be Jackson’s personal physician. It was his job to look out for Jackson’s best interest. What in God’s name was he thinking? He chose money over doing his job and deserves all that is coming to him and more. They said today he is on suicide watch in a single cell. B-O-O-H-O-O. He should be sorry for what he did. He smeared the medical profession and took a life. I don’t know what the hell else I can say.

Well, that should do it for this installment. There was so much that happened this past weekend  I tried my best to cover some of the good stuff. I know it’s not everything but, hey, you know me, it is what it is. Enjoy the rest of the week and let’s hope the Black and Gold can rebound and beat the Bengals… Let’s go Stillers!!


Well folks, it’s that time of year when everyone’s thoughts turn to spooks, goblins and the always favorite ghost stories. I remember my friends and I scaring the living bejesus out of each other. Telling scary stories was a favorite thing of mine. There were the stories of the murderer out at lover’s lane, or the golden arm or a million other things. Movies were made and they were some of the greatest slasher flicks of all times. The “Halloween” series was one that always popped in my head along with “Friday The 13th”, “Nightmare on Elm Street”, and “The Howling”. Now you can add in most of the ones written by Stephen King. “Christine” is one of the first to come to mind. Then you have “Pet Cemetery”. A good majority of those titles were not made or released on or around Halloween but they have become cult favorites at Halloween parties. Another cult classic for parties was the “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Then you have the “Ghost Buster” movies and “Beetle Juice”.

Our neighborhood will soon be overrun with miniature hobgoblins and ghouls. Trick or treaters will be out on local neighborhood streets, and all will be looking for that tasty treat. Costumes change every year and are based on popular characters in movies and TV. Shrek, the Disney Princesses, Power Rangers and on and on and on. Some of the Tweener girls in our neighborhood dress more like the are looking for tricks instead of treats. My neighbor calls them “prosti-tots”. It’s a sad state of affairs that kids are dressing like street walkers but what I think is even worse is the fact that parents actually let them leave the house that way. Shocking. True, it’s a parent’s right to raise their kids how they see fit, but c’mon, you have got to use your brain a little. I know growing up we would have never dressed that way or we would have been killed by our parents. We didn’t have to worry about child molesters; our parents took steps to keep us safe. Halloween is a time for safe scares and ghosts.

I  figured as long as we were talking about scary things I should mention the Steelers-Jaguars game yesterday. They came out of the gate gunning and I thought it was going to be a rout like last week. The first half had everyone in Steeler Nation feeling that way. However, I digress. The second half, Pittsburgh never left the locker room. The game came down to the last play. Pittsburgh ended up winning 17-13 but it was scary for all of us watching. The first half was full of long pass plays and Rashard Mendenhal ripping off a 68 yard run. The second half Big Ben was 1 of 5. We also saw Troy Palamalu leave the game with concussion like symptoms. They believe he was hurt on the play where he stopped Maurice Jones-Drew behind the line of scrimmage on a 3rd and 1. Immediately following the play, Palamu got up looking a little dazed and Ryan Clark came up and head butted him saying, “Good job, have a concussion on me.” With Arizona next week and New England in two, Pittsburgh needs to find a way to win and not suck in the process. Arizona is going to be a real challenge and The Patriots are a class act. Yes, I just threw up in my mouth a little to say that but it is what it is. New England will capitalize on shitty play and Pittsburgh has had a lot of that lately. Hopefully the Steelers can pull it together or it will be a real horror show on the 30th.

Wheldon's crash a LVMS yesterday

Dan Wheldon, Killed in crash yesterday

Indy Racing League driver Dan Wheldon was killed in a fiery crash yesterday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 12 laps in there was a horrendous crash involving 15 of the 34 drivers in the race. Two other drivers were hospitalized. Wheldon was pronounced dead at the hospital. Reports said that several drivers commented on how fast the track was and many thought is was too dangerous. Wheldon had commented on his practice earlier in the week that he was afraid he wouldn’t have the speed he needed to win. After the crash and subsequent news that Wheldon had been killed, the drivers were moved to tears. Helio Castronievez openly wept on camera. Danica Patrick, who was racing in her final race before moving over to NASCAR, was just about unable to speak when interviewed. In a final tribute to Wheldon the race was canceled and the Drivers, driving 3 wide, took 5 laps to honor their fellow driver who was loved by all. We here at ATCMC extend out heartfelt condolences to Wheldon’s family and pray for them at this most trying time in their lives.

Well, we prepare for Halloween and all that goes with it. Houses will be corned and door bells rung and no one will be there. To me that is what Halloween is about. Good, clean fun. Keep in mind that most communities still have trick or treating in the evening so do your part and keep the little ones  safe. If we all do our part we can keep Halloween a safe, fun time, as it was always meant to be. The douche bags that use this time for evil ruin it for everyone. I love this time of year and will be putting out the rest of my Halloween decor for all to see. Then comes Christmas. I am planning a cool light display this year and will share it with you if it turns out like I’m planning.  Enjoy the spooky season as I do and have fun scaring the holy hell out of yourselves and your friends and family, that is what this time is for… BOO!

Seasons Are Changing

It's that time again

For most of us the end of August marks the end of summer. For some ecstatic parents it marks the beginning of school and a chance to get a little break. None of the kids are looking forward to homework, book reports and (gag) school lunches. On the other side of the coin though, it is also a chance for the kids to re-connect with friends they lost track of during the summer. Some of us look forward to the fall, not because we are getting rid of the kids for another school year but because, I personally think, Western Pennsylvania is absolutely beautiful this time of year.

Time for 7?

Not only does the weather turn chilly in the coming weeks, the NFL is beginning it’s regular season.  I look forward to this time of year because I get to watch guys like Ben and Hines decimate opposing secondaries with high flying passes and acrobatic receptions. Guys like Troy and James and Bret torture offenses and guys like Chad and T.O. prove why they can’t stay with any team for more than a year or two and should just retire because Roger Goodell already has the job as League jag off. September 8th is the first official regular season game and the Steelers will start their season September 11th against the Baltimore Ravens. High School football is also in full swing and I wish all the schools good luck and a safe season and hope my  Alma-Mater, Indiana Area Sr. High School, has a good season as well. I was shocked to learn today that Michael Vick was given a 6 year 100 million dollar contract by the Philadelphia Eagles.  My how times have changed. He  only did 18 months for promoting dog fighting, whereas the regular Joe Citizen probably would have done several years. The majority of fans hoped he’d never return but he came to the city where a former crooked mayor and governor live so he was welcomed with open pockets. I am sure he will take the path of Chad Ochocinco and T.O. and make his team regret ever signing him and wishing  he would just disappear.

Football is amping up and NASCAR is heading into the home stretch. With just one race left until the Race for the Chase, every driver is doing his best to be there at the end. Those in the top 10 will stay there but the 11th and 12th places are awarded based on finishes and wins. They are called wild cards.  Someone could have won 4 or 5 races but had bad luck and horrible finishes so they were left out of the top 10.  In the chase unless there is a major points change at Atlanta this weekend are: 1. Kyle Bush, 2. Jimmy Johnson, 3. Matt Kenseth, 4. Carl Edwards, 5. Kevin Harvick, 6. Jeff Gordon, 7. Ryan Newman, 8. Kurt  Bush, 9. Dale Earnhardt Jr., 10. Tony Stewart. When the chase starts the driver in first is awarded so many points, then the drivers in descending order are placed in 5 point increments. Such as; driver 1. 5000 points, driver 2, 4995 points, driver 3, 4990, etc. I think this was a good idea when it was developed because now you actually have to perform if you want to want to win the title.  The season is ending and the weather is getting cooler but the action is really heating up.

Halloween is coming up and I know it is not even September yet but once we get into fall the time seems to fly so it will be here before any of us are ready for it. I introduced a new piece last year dedicated to holiday decorating called,  Exterior Illumination,  and it was well received. In fact I wrote a second piece called Exterior Illumination part duex.  I have already seen some Halloween decorations up so I might have to begin commenting earlier this year. Maybe change the name to Holiday Decor or something like that.  Nonetheless, I love this time of year because there is so much going on from holiday parades to craft sales. Now I guess I’ll have to add another post on hideous holiday decorations. Thank goodness I live within 10 miles of 2, count them, 2 Wal-Marts so I know they will have their ticky-tacky decorations out pretty soon and the great unwashed will flock past the personal hygiene aisle to buy these bargain eyesores.

Also, to my loyal readers, if you happen to come across a hideous holiday display, either inside or out, get a picture and let me know. I’ll give you a way to send me the picture so I can use it in a future blog and I will make sure you get credit…

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