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patriotsWell, here we go again. The New England Patriots are embroiled in yet another scandal. From stealing other team’s signals to secretly video-taping the Rams final walk through practice just before Super Bowl XXXVI. The Cheatriots, oops, I mean Patriots are now accused of playing Sunday’s AFC Championship game with under inflated balls. Some might say oh that’s no big deal. Well, actually it is. Game balls should be inflated somewhere around 13psi. 11 of 12 were found to be at least 2 psi under-inflated. This makes the ball easier to throw and catch, especially in wet conditions like last Sunday’s game.

Bill "I'm Homeless" Belechick

Bill “I’m Homeless” Belechick

Owner Robert Kraft and commissioner Goodell

Owner Robert Kraft and commissioner Goodell

The little trick wasn’t discovered until the Colts intercepted a pass. The player, knowing something was wrong immediately gave the ball to his equipment manager and notified his coach as to irregularity with the ball. Coach Belechick was fined in 2007 for secretly taping opposing team’s sideline signals. I mean, I never thought Belechick was a great coach by any means, but to blatantly cheat to win? What message are you sending to anyone/everyone? Well, when your owner is good buddies with the commissioner what sanctions should we be looking at? Goodell is in a quandary. When he blew the Ray Rice investigation, Patriots Owner Robert Kraft and other Patriots came out in support of his mishandling. There also seems to be a question as to what should be done. I mean Dan Rooney, who helped get Goodell elected was fined shortly after in 2006 for saying the refs in the Steelers-Falcons game should be ashamed of themselves. So now, does Goodell hammer the Patriots? Hmmm, that’s a mystery. He impresses me as a guy with no loyalty so I would hope he hits the Patriots hard.

brady bawlingI am comfortable in the knowledge that the Patriots won’t be excluded from the Super Bowl for cheating, I mean really? They may not even know their fate until after the big game, but I feel that serious sanctions should be handed down. Nice message to relay to our kids. Go ahead and cheat in sports kids. If your mom, dad, coach or school is a favorite of the governing body, you’ll get away with it. I mean Brady is a professional ball-baby and Belechick a well known cheat and Kraft a well know suck up. Does anyone see anything of any substance happening to the Cheatriots? They will go to the Super Bowl and if Las Vegas decides, they will win and nothing will change. This sucks for those fans of football to have to sit through yet another Roger Goodell mess. I’m sure he and the Patriots will buy their way out of it. Geeze, and they call ME crazy…


For those of you who didn’t already know, I must sadly (happily) report that hate group leader, sorry, Pastor, Fred Phelps has died. I’ll give you a minute to blow your nose, burp, fart or chuckle as you let this set in. He died late Wednesday night of natural causes. I read that and was shocked because I didn’t think you could die from being a pariah, but I guess I was wrong. Phelps was the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church from Kansas that took it upon themselves to protest Military funerals to spread their word of hatred, narrow-mindedness, stupidity and disrespect.

Hater -  Fred Phelps

Hater – Fred Phelps

Now please don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to make this piece any longer than it needs to be but I feel that with all of the bullshit he spread, the number of servicemen he disrespected, he deserves a little comeuppance because it is only right. His church requested that there be no protests at his funeral. Really? Too effing bad. I think there should have been thousands of soldiers in full uniform standing outside the outhouse where he held services. His church preached the first amendment but who in the hell do they think gave them that right. That’s right boys and girls, the servicemen  his dumb ass was protesting. My wife and I were talking about this the other day and she thinks that when (and if) he gets to heaven, there will be all of the soldiers he himself and his church protested, waiting to greet him and show him what it is to be honorable. I think she’s right. On Saturday, his church announced there would be no funeral. Well of course not. They knew no one would come and pay their respects to someone who did not deserve ANY respect.

I hope that this means the end for the Westboro Baptist Church. It is a sad state that this group relates to a hate group but they think they are above the label because they are a church, technically. As I close this just let me say this; Karma has come back around in this instance and I believe GOD has a special place for him. To continue to hate does nothing but perpetuate Phelps message of hatred and bigotry. I hope that Westboro will try and take on a new message of tolerance and acceptance. They spread hate and misunderstanding and hide behind the First Amendment and the Bible. Geeze, and they call ME crazy…

Gary Heidnik Serial Psycho

Gary Heidnik
Serial Psycho

The debate has raged on for years; Should Pennsylvania Abolish the Death Penalty? Since it’s reinstatement in 1976 only 3 people have been executed. Keith Zettlemoyer was executed on May 2, 1995 for 1st Degree Murder, Leon Moser, Executed August 16, 1995 for 1st Degree Murder and Gary Heidnik on July 6, 1999. Heidnik was probably the most famous of the three. He kidnapped, tortured and murdered several women, some of whom he made eat the remains of those killed before them, in the basement of his home.

My opinion is simple; Either use the death penalty or get rid of it. To let not only the inmates but the victim’s families languish for years with no result is not reasonable by any standards. Now the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has created a task force to study the death penalty and make recommendations to our judicial system. Really? When they say that the death penalty costs the state more money than a life without parole sentence, I have to say I agree. To pay a bunch of pencil pushing panty-wastes an exorbitant salary to study this is ridiculous.

Victim, Jennifer Daugherty

Victim, Jennifer Daugherty

For an example let’s use the Jennifer Daugherty case from Greensburg, Pa. Six people have been charged with the torture-murder of the 30 year-old mentally challenged woman. 3 have been tried and convicted with two of them receiving the death penalty. This woman’s family has had to endure 3 trials so far, reliving all of the gruesome, graphic evidence 3 times over with still 3 more trials to go. What will the outcome be? Will these shit-bags, sorry, criminals be executed? You have a better chance of seeing Dale Earnhardt and Neil Bonnett race at Daytona again. 

Now let’s add in the groups that have never lost someone to a violent crime. Like the ACLU or Amnesty International. They claim that execution is painful and inhumane. So I guess kidnapping, torturing and murdering a mentally challenged woman isn’t. Some site the Bible where it says; “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord…” Maybe, but it also says; “An eye for an eye…” Amnesty International says that Pennsylvania has 194 inmates on death row. The breakdown is as follows: 106 blacks, 68 whites, 18 Hispanics and 2 Asians. They further state that the death penalty is racially biased based on police procedures, adequacy of representation and other factors. They also say that African Americans get the death penalty more than whites who commit the same crime. Now see, here is where I get pissed over the whole damn debate. These groups use race as their basis for the outcome. When you use race, most people are afraid to tread there. Well my dear readers, I am not.

Instead of really relaying factual information, they skew it to fit their one-sided argument. While there are more black inmates on death row, how many come from socio-economically depressed areas? Philadelphia, to name only one, has its wealthy sides as well as its depressed neighborhoods, like most large urban areas. To that end, a lot of these people are forced to do things to make ends meet. Some are forced to commit robbery, sell drugs, prostitute and even be forced into the gang lifestyle. While Amnesty International is bemoaning racial profiling, did they factually state that the last 3 people put to death in Pennsylvania, Zettlemoyer, Moser and Heidnik, were all white? Um, I can answer that; No. It makes their racially bigoted argument look a little shaky. I guess because those 3 men were white, it was no big deal. Instead of relying on cold hard data, groups like Amnesty International, the ACLU and Decarcerate PA, can’t fund themselves if they stick to the whole truth. To me it seems like they just want to tilt at windmills, ANY windmill. Thank you Don Quixote.

John Lesko

John Lesko

Michael Travaglia

Michael Travaglia

Does housing an inmate on death row cost more? Yes it does. A 2011 story in The Allentown Morning Call stated that the Pa DOC spends approximately $10,000 more per inmate to house them on death row. Now add in the cost of trials and re-trials. Because the death penalty is an option these are capital cases costing the Commonwealth between 1 and 3 million per case. No add in suck-bags, sorry, inmates like Lesko and Travaglia, who between them have had upwards of 14 re-trials. Each time they get re-convicted and sentenced to death the fall under Pennsylvania’s Post Conviction Relief Act (PCRA), allowing them an automatic appeal. Now here is where I have the problem. They keep getting new trials based on the defense they received in their first trials back in 1982. Each time, both of these assholes, sorry, criminals are convicted and sentenced, they get a new trial. Someone needs to put on their big boy or girl gutchies and say; “No More.” It’s easy to Monday morning quarterback and say Pennsylvania is bleeding money, but no one wants to do anything about it.

I think it’s easy. Instead of paying a bunch of over-educated wieners an obscene amount of money to do a “Study”, use the money to carry out the executions. By allowing multiple appeals you are causing the State to spend more money on an open wound so to speak. Limit the amount of appeals. I mean really, how many times does a jury need convict someone of murder and sentence them to death before the courts actually believe them? Lesko and Travaglia are only part of what is wrong with our judicial system. Why do we keep granting re-trials and appeals based on old information? Like with Lesko and Travaglia, there is nothing new here. What do we hope to accomplish by this act of futility? Easy, Lesko and Travaglia and all of the others getting new trials every other day are basically thumbing their noses at the judicial system knowing they will never “Ride the Lightning”.

Ron "Tater Salad" White

Ron “Tater Salad” White

Now on the other side of the coin, if the Commonwealth decides to abolish the death penalty then let’s change some sentencing guidelines. I mean some of Pennsylvania’s mandatory sentencing practices now need revamping. But onto where I was heading a minute ago. Instead of being sentenced to death, change it to Life without the possibility of parole. One appeal, that’s it. Stop clogging up the courts with these ridiculous appeals that 99% of the time has the same outcome. Is it possible that new information could come to light exonerating the inmate? Possibly. Since 1973 140 people have been released following the proof of wrongful conviction in the United States. That is compared to 1,329 executed in that same period. So in 40 years only 140 have been freed Nation-wide? Sounds like a pretty good ratio to me, but I digress. The change in sentencing guidelines is probably the biggest thing that needs to happen. Comedian Ron White from Texas said; In Texas, if you kill someone, we’ll kill you back. If there are 2 or more credible witnesses who saw what you did, you go to the head of the line. Most states are trying to abolish the death penalty, Texas put in an express lane.” Texas is not afraid to use the death penalty. Since 2010 they have executed 45. Since 1974 they have executed 492.

Ok, now that I have rambled on for what seemed like an unbearable amount of time, the bottom line for me is very simple. If the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is going to keep the Death Penalty on the books then use it. If they are not going to use it, dump it. It’s not of any solace to a victim’s family to see someone “ceremoniously” sentenced to death to then never have the sentence carried out. Someone needs to get off their asses and make a decision. Appointing a committee to “study” the death penalty is as stupid as it is reckless. The State whines about budget shortfalls but appoints committees to study how much poop ducks and geese shat out. Instead of telling teachers their pay will be based on the success of their students how about our politicians in Harrisburg and Washington have their pay based on the amount of jobs they created or social services they saved, not how much they can spend on lavish trips and other tax payer funded perks. Geeze, and they call ME crazy…

North Korean Dictater; Kim Jong-un

North Korean Dictater; Kim Jong-un

I was granted a rare opportunity over the weekend. I was asked to interview Kim Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea. I was apprehensive at first because it has been 23 years since I set foot in Korea and back up at Panmunjom. I accepted and called my Uncle Duff. He was the one who got me started in blogging and used to host a blog called “One Man’s Tofu.” He said I should take the chance because it will probably be the only chance the American People have to hear from him on the situation going on there. He reminded me to take his interview kit with me so I would have a good trip.

So armed with my pad and pencil, a bottle of 20-year-old, single malt scotch and a package of Nutter Butters, I left for the airport. When I arrived in Seoul it almost felt like I never left. I was met by a representative from our Embassy there and escorted to a secure area for a briefing before the 45 minute ride up MSR 3 (Military Supply Route) for my interview. I was cautioned to not say anything that could escalate the current situation but then I was asked to try and gather any intel I could. Not escalating the situation might be hard for me with my propensity to be a smart ass but agreed and was taken out to a waiting car.

When we arrived at Panmunjom, I was escorted to the very room where the cease-fire was signed some 61 years ago and I visited 24 years ago in the winter of 1989. Armed guards from both the North Korean Army and Republic of Korea (ROK) were stationed outside the doors. A white line ran down the middle of the room to designate the 38th Parallel and signify the division between north and South Korea. There was a large oak table in the middle of the room with a chair on the north and south side of the table. I of course was seated on the southern side.

Panmunjom - On the 38th parallel

Panmunjom – On the 38th parallel

I was nervous as I sat there. I opened my notebook and put my pencil out. I set the bottle of scotch and Nutter Butters out as well. I was fidgety as I waited. I folded my hands neatly and sat there waiting. The door opened up on the Northern end of the room and in walked a portly little fella roughly about 4’ 10”. I stood up, trying to remember my diplomacy and extended my hand. “Sir, it is a great honor,” I said. He looked me over, up at me actually, and shook my hand. “It is a preasure to welcome you,” he replied. I noticed they had discreetly placed 3 books on his chair so he could see over the table. I opened the package of Nutter Butters and offered them to him. He took his share and slid the package back to me; with three left in it. “Sir,” I said, “Would you like a drink?” I motioned towards the bottle of scotch. “What you got?” he asked. “A 20 year-old bottle of scotch,” I said. “Hooch?” he asked. I smiled and felt the hair on the back of neck stand up. Hooch. It was better than the Soju they try and pass off as booze. Anyhow, with the pleasantries over with, it was time to get down to business.

ATCMC – You are currently under fire for ramping up your nuclear program and threatening a launch. Does this concern you in the overall picture of everything?

Kim Jong-un(Through a mouthful of Nutter Butters) Me not worried what others think. Me running this prace, not the U.N. Hey, that my name. ha ha ha ha. He took a swig of scotch, belched, and continued. Your Plesident Balack Obama think he can treaten us with sanctions, he clazier then he rooks.

ATCMC – So you are saying the threat is real and nothing the United States does will hinder your progress, correct?

Kim Jong-un – Vely good, you understand compretree. There is nothing that can be done to stop us.

ATCMC – Is your nuclear program that far along that a launch is imminent?

Kim Jong-un – Not in so many words, but yes we are getting leddy for a major raunch. All our tests have been pletty plomising.

As he spoke, little cookie bits were flying everywhere. It was like standing beside the discharge of a lawnmower while you were running it over a gravel driveway. I put my glasses back on more for safety then vision.

ATCMC – Do you have a target in mind, or are you going to see where it hits?

He took another swig of scotch, finished it, and then banged it on the table for a refill. Apparently I was not only acting as an interviewer but a bar tender as well. I filled his glass and patiently waited for a response. He took another swig.

Kim Jong-un – (belch) You Amelicans tink you pletty smart. I not ter you where we going to shoot at.

ATCMC – A source close to you told the Associated Press that you had capabilities to hit Guam. Is that the intended target?

Kim Jong-un – I not terring you. You will just have to see the awesome power of our weapons. We have a contlact with a good weapons maker and he not messing alound. It cost us rearry big money. We show the world.

nk airforceATCMC – Okay, okay, calm down sir. I didn’t mean to upset you. Now, I have heard rumors that the North Korean Air Force isn’t a threat.

Kim Jong-un – What you mean not a threat? We have the most advanced technorogy on the pranet.

ATCMC – Pictures have been leaked showing what some might call, um, sub-standard equipment.

Kim Jong-un – It is all Plopaganda to make round-eyes rike you feel more secure. We are a super power.

ATCMC – Okay, what ever you say buddy boy, but I don’t believe that calling me names is called for.

Kim Jong-un – Well, I not aporogizing. You have to deal with it. Now to show you I not a bad guy, I want you to join me for runch.

ATCMC – What are you serving?

Kim Jong-un – My convoy hit a dog on the way here.

KJU weight watchersATCMC – Pass. But speaking of food, I understand Weight Watchers wants you to be a spokesman of sorts for them.

Kim Jong-un – Well, they apploached me and ask me if I could be a before picture? I not know what that mean, but I know they offer to pay me so I take job to fund nuclear proglam.

As we were talking his lunch arrived. There was enough food there to feed a small country. There was seafood, kimchi, noodles and vegetables and some kind of meat. I assumed it was the dog hit earlier. I graciously declined any of the offerings. He looked at me and said, “This mine runch, you say you not hungly.” I watched in horror as this little fella mowed through the food set before him like Chuck Norris through an entire brigade of commies. I’m pretty sure he ate the Nutter Butters wrapper and empty scotch bottle as well since I couldn’t find them when he was done. When he finished he pushed all of the empty plates and dishes to the side, and snapped his fingers. Two men came in and scurried around the room gathering up the empties from his lunch. He sat back in his chair and belched. Then he farted and acted like it was the funniest thing ever in the world. I cleared my throat and got ready to ask more questions.

He stirred in his chair, almost falling off the books he was sitting on. He got a strange look on his face. I wasn’t sure what was going on until he leaned to one side again and, um depressurized yet again. He sat back in his chair and smiled. “False ararm,” he said. “Is everything okay?” I asked.  “Yes, no probrem,” he answered. “No probrem” my ass. The room smelled like the dumpster at a slaughterhouse in August. Nonetheless I pressed on because the hour was getting late and I wasn’t sure how much more time I would be granted.

acme missleATCMC – So you said earlier that you did the Weight Watchers ad to fund your nuclear program, is that correct?

Kim Jong-un – That is right. Rike I say before. We have new Weapons factory working for us and we have good maker. The missile is best money can buy.

ATCMC – Is Iran helping you at all with the development of your nuclear weapons? I mean, it has been said in the media that your missile launches have been failures.

Kim Jong-un – Why you ask so many questions about my missiles? You tlying to be funny guy?

ATCMC – It is the big thing on everyone’s minds these days. I mean no disrespect I just want to ease the American Public’s fears about a nuclear attack.

Kim Jong-un – You not need to worry who helping us. All you need worry about is when we strike. Like a cobra.  But now I must ask you question of my own.

ATCMC – Certainly sir, what ever you need to ask.

I was afraid of what the question might be. He was such a weird one, it was hard to imagine what earth-shattering questions this little fella could have.

Kim Jong-un – You got any more of them cookies?

Realizing I didn’t eat the 3 that he had graciously left me, I passed them across the table.

ATCMC – Here you go sir.

rocket launchKim Jong-un – Thank you but it is getting rate, I must be going, time for dinner soon. And prease don’t take our missile program rightry. We are a nuclear super power. You just don’t go around thinking you better than us. We not messing around.

ATCMC – I hope you enjoyed the Nutter Butters and Scotch.

Kim Jong-un – Yes, yes, good hooch. I rike the cookie too. You must tell me where to get them. I think it onry fair. We give you Ramen, you give us cookies.

I asked a few more questions but Kim Jong-un was becoming uncooperative. Apparently since it was 45 minutes since he ate last he was getting hungry and cranky. He stood up and climbed down off of his chair. He did not shake my hand or say anything else as he left. I was glad I made the trip now just so I could discover what a tool bag he really was. The third one of this family to be in control of North Korea and just as effed up as the other 2. The third generation cuckoo doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

I realize now that people like Kim Jong-un is what is wrong with the world. They are bent on world domination instead of everyone working together. I also want to take this time to send a prayer out to Boston where they had the bombing near the end of the marathon yesterday. Too many crack-pots out there and all they are doing is turning the world to shit. Kim Jong-un is just another mental midget in a line of thousands. Geeze-o-man, and they call ME carzy…


Kim Jong Un; New Threat to the United States?

Kim Jong Un; New Threat to the United States?

too lateKim Jong Un, the latest hater of the United States is threatening to launch a nuke at America. Really? Get in line behind every other country that hates the USA and threatens to nuke us off the map. Un succeeded his father who overdosed on Ramen and Kimchi in December of 2011. No,  seriously, his father died of natural causes. Un is not the oldest of his father’s sons but he got the job anyway. (The brothers were probably too smart to take it). He says they have a serious nuke program and will be ready to launch a strike soon. Maybe, but I bet all your missiles say “Made in Japan” on them somewhere. This is not a stable man by any stretch of the imagination. So should we take this as a joke or be worried. Because he is a few fries short of a Happy Meal, I wouldn’t say worried is right word. Pensive, Alert, Cautious are probably better words. Our own government is more of a threat to us then this little fella.

Guard Post Collier, DMZ South Korea

Guard Post Collier, DMZ South Korea

north koreaNow for a little history lesson. Way back in February of 1989, yours truly was stationed on the DMZ in this very Guard Post. This is Guard Post Collier, approx 2 Kilometers from Panmunjom where the Cease Fire was signed way back in 1952. Yes, I said cease-fire. There was never an agreement to end the war signed. Technically, we have been at war all this time. Obama said we will go to war if we have to. Really, like anyone cares now when we say that. I think we need stiffer penalties then crushing them again like we did 61 years ago. Let’s take Oodles of Noodles, and DaeWoo and Kimchi out of our stores and that will fix them. I mean really. We sent a fleet over there as a show of force. If Mr. Miagi would try to launch a missile, it will be shot out of the sky. His bigger concern should be his haircut. I mean what is it about the crack pots bent on world domination. Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam Husein, John Kerry, they all had really bad haircuts. In all truthfulness, there should be a certain amount of fear because ANYTHING is possible. We never dreamed 9-11 could happen and guess what, It Did!

little despotNK NavyAfter all, its our own damn fault. We play kissey face with these countries and they are just biding their time until they get the opportunity to turn on us. I mean why don’t we stop sending them money and let them hate us for free. We always want to stick our noses in where they don’t belong and look what it gets us. Obama threatened action if Kim Jung Un continued with his plans to begin a nuke program again. Well B-Dawg, where’s the action? A fleet positioned off the coast is like hanging a Beware of Dog sign in your front window. After a while, When you don’t see the dog, you know it was a bunch of bull. Ask my daughter. I threaten to punish her or ground her when she misbehaves, she knows it ain’t gonna happen. Un knows it too. Obama just started getting us out of one war, does anyone really think he wants to go into another one? South Korea has an Army, why do we need to hold their hands, again? We need to be cautious but we should also expect other countries to handle their own problems… I mean really. Here is my solution for all of this…

norris and un

I mean, it seems pretty simple to me… And They Call ME Crazy.

jim harbaughjohn_harbaugh--300x300Well here we go. Super Bowl 47 is set. The San Francisco 49ers Will face the Baltimore Ravens. It has been dubbed “Harbaugh Bowl”. I call it the battle of the ball bags. The Harbaugh Brothers are known throughout the NFL for crying to the officiating staff after every play. Jim Harbaugh surprised everyone but the bookies in Las Vegas with his team’s come from behind victory against the Atlanta Falcons. Of Course his brother showed that Baltimore can win… Even a fixed game. Tom Brady played worse than Paul Crew in the movie “The Longest Yard”. I’ve seen poor performances before but New England’s Poor Play last Sunday against Baltimore  was the worst acting job since Jean-Claude Van Damme in ANY of his movies. No my dear readers, the outcome of both Championship Games was decided before any of the teams ever took the field.

Can the Harbaugh Brother’s coach? Well, they are not the worst coaches in the NFL but I would like to see less crying and whining during the game. Yes, there will be questionable calls, but that is part of sports. Should the referee’s be stepped to when they blow it? Absolutely, but I mean really, after EVERY PLAY? Now I must digress. Do I like John Harbaugh? No. He is coach of Pittsburgh’s most hated opponent; the Baltimore Ravens. Yes, we split the season with them but They are still our most hated rivals. I mean c’mon, the Ravens are the old Cleveland Browns. Jim Harbaugh used to play and he was good. I just don’t like the arrogance they both display. Harbaugh even made a comment last year about living in California. He has no idea what the STFU Filter is. But now the question remains; Who do you want to win the Super Bowl? Is it the Hated Ravens or San Fran who can equal Pittsburgh’s record of 6 Super Bowls Rings. Here’s how I look at it. If San Fran wins they will only be TYING Pittsburgh’s record. If Baltimore Wins then We’ll just have to beat up on the Super Bowl Champs in the regular season next year. Of course I’ll be more interested in the commercials anyhow.

Ray Lewis 2000 mug shot

Ray Lewis 2000 mug shot

In other Football News, Anna Welker, wife of New England Patriot Wes Welker made some unsavory comments regarding Raven’s Ray Lewis. Yes, we all know Lewis was acquitted of a murder in 2000 and obviously Anna Welker is not a member of the Ray Lewis Fan Club. She made her comments then apologized for them. They were: “Proud of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis’ Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay. What a hall of fame player! A true role model!”  Do I like Ray Lewis? No. I also think that any regular Joe, accused of Murder as Lewis was would have never been acquitted. Should Anna Welker be worried about legal repercussions from Ray Lewis? I doubt it. What could he really get her on? Definition of Character?

It will be an interesting Super Bowl to say the least. The very least actually. But I have also heard some of Steeler Nation saying they will be cheering for Baltimore this year. And I guess if one of the two bothers have to win I guess I’d rather see Baltimore then San Fran. I mean this is Ray Lewis’ final season. Pittsburgh went through it when Jerome Bettis retired so I understand what it means to Baltimore. Let’s just have a safe game with no injuries. I mean all joking aside, Winning the Super Bowl the year you retire is special. Ray Lewis would be going out on a high note I guess you could say. I just hope the money he gets from it won’t affect his AARP and Social Security benefits.  I mean what kind of retirement could he have if he breaks a hip or something. I’m sure if Baltimore wins the Super Bowl Ray Lewis’ party will be killer. Oh, sorry, I guess that was a bad choice of words.

We’ll see Pittsburgh there next year. It was tough sledding this year what with all the injuries they suffered. No matter what happens, Steeler Nation is still the greatest bunch of fans in the world in any sporting event.

With Halloween approaching I thought this would be an intersting post. In 2002 movie mania gripped Armstrong County in Western Pennsylvania. Why you ask?” Officer and a Gentleman”, Richard Gere, was in Kittanning filming a movie called; “The Mothman Prophecies”, based on John Keel’s book of the same name. The events take place in a little town in West Virginia on the Ohio River. Point Pleasant is a real place and between November of 1966 and December 1967 there were several “sightings” and other incidents that took place in Point Pleasant and the surrounding area. A creature between 6 and 7 feet tall with human legs, wings and burning red eyes was seen several times. Several events took place and ended with the collapse of the Silver Bridge  into the Ohio River during an afternoon traffic jam on December 15, 1967.

On November 15, 1966 at 11:30 p.m., two newlywed couples were driving around the TNT area. ([Note: the TNT area is an abandoned WW II munitions plant 10 miles north of Point Pleasant.] As they drove past an abandoned generator plant, one of the women, Linda Scarberry, pointed out two large, red glowing eyes staring at them from the blackness. As the huge eyes moved away from the building, they could see they were part of a large figure. A six to seven-foot-tall creature now stood in front of them. They could clearly see gigantic wings folded behind its back. It was gray and stood on legs like a man’s.

Stricken with terror, the witnesses began fleeing from the creature … As they made a curve in the road, they spotted the creature again. It was standing on a hill just looking at them. As soon as they all noticed it, it shot straight up into the air without flapping its wings.

Because he trusted the word of the four witnesses, deputy sheriff Millard Halstead drove out to the TNT area to investigate. Halstead didn’t find the Mothman, but his radio wouldn’t work while he was in the area. A loud garbled noise was all that would come out of the radio while he was there.

On December 4, 1966, five pilots were standing at the Gallipolis, Ohio airport. Gallipolis is just on the other side of the Ohio River from Point Pleasant. One of the men pointed out a strange object approaching them from the Ohio River. They quickly realized they were viewing a gigantic ‘bird’ that was silently soaring toward them at an estimated 70 mph. Its wings never flapped and the creature was rapidly moving its head from side to side.

On November 26 Ruth Foster was confronted by Mothman in her front lawn near Charleston. The next day Mothman visited a golf course in Mason and then returned to a suburb of Charleston where it harassed two girls as they passed a local junkyard.

Also in November, Mothman confronted two firemen in the TNT area. The creature terrorized five teenagers as they were driving past a rock quarry. A National Guardsman spotted Mothman standing on a tree limb in Point Pleasant. . . . In Point Pleasant, an elderly businessman went outside to hush his barking dog. Mothman stood right in front of him in his front yard. The man was stunned and transfixed by the creature’s glowing red eyes. . . .

The Silver Bridge before the December 15, 1967 Collapse

After the collapse

On December 15, 1967 at 5:00 p.m., a traffic jam occurred on the Silver Bridge at Point Pleasant. The bridge quivered, then collapsed, plunging about 50 cars and trucks into the icy waters of the Ohio River. 46 people died in what is still the worst bridge disaster in U.S. history. Some bodies and cars were never recovered and it was assumed that many people who were ‘missing’ after the bridge’s collapse were forever lost in the river.

The collapse of the Silver Bridge represented the end of the West Virginia Mothman episode.

Point Pleasant still enjoys the legend. They have a festival every year in September and even have a statue of the “Mothman” in town. In the movie, Richard Gere was getting messages that something tragic was going to happen on the Ohio River. He assumed it was something at the explosives plant. But like in the sightings from 1966 to 1967 the “Mothman” was warning them of the collapse of the Silver Bridge. The cause of the collapse is still unknown to this day. There were 46 people killed in the collapse and only 44 of the bodies were ever recovered.

This is where my post comes from. Was a lot of the “Mothman” movie embellished for Hollywood or was it more or less true? Some people say there were mothman sighting before 9-11. There are also rumors that he was spotted several times before the Chernobyl disaster. People always try and equate one thing with another. Like, I see red velvet cake before my snacking urge gets quenched. I guess there might really be something to it. The bottom line I guess is the fact that all of us enjoy a good mystery now and again. The Mothman is one of those things.  Some people say; “Of course it happened in West Virginia… It’s all the Percocets and Mt. Dew they do down there…” Nonetheless it happened there and they have documentation of it. I guess it’s one of things that will baffle mankind for ever, just like; why is Jersey Shore so popular?

Now I ask you. Is it plausible? Sure. In this day and age anything is plausible.

Yes dear readers, it has been a while since I posted… There have been a million things going on and something had to give. I have still been watching football and NASCAR but have little time to blog.

Last week at Talladega Alabama, Tony Stewart set off a multi-car crash on the last lap. He was leading crossing the stripe to begin lap 188. Stewart had even said if someone tries to block him he will crash them… This comment was made a few weeks earlier and it was sad to see it come to fruition but someone else doing it to him. The crash shook up the points for the Championship and it is almost anybody’s race to win now. I haven’t been as religious watching as I usually am but I still try to see the results and try to catch a lap or two. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top.

Michael Vick and the Eagles visited Hinze Field this past Sunday. Vick was named MVP… By the Pittsburgh fans. The Eagles were in the red zone and Vick showed why he is not worth the 110 million he is being paid. He fumbled and Pittsburgh recovered in the end zone. He had trouble hanging on to the ball other times during the day as well. Vick Proved that unless it is a dog leash, he can’t hold on to it. Now I know I seem to hate the cross-state rival Eagles. I don’t. I don’t like Michael Vick or Any Reid. Vick should have never been allowed to re-enter the NFL after serving Federal jail time for dog fighting. Andy Reid is just a pud. He is not a good coach and a poor judge of talent. Vick has only ever played a complete season in his second year as a pro. If he finishes this season it will be a miracle. Most of his “injuries” occur after he has done something stupid, like fumble, throw an interception or completely screw up a play. Thankfully we are done with them for a few seasons until we have to beat on them again.

After the playoff game a few years back when Tennessee came to the Burgh and beat the Steelers they haven’t done much. The reason is the curse. they stomped the Terrible Towel and bad luck has befallen them ever since. Their QB Steve McNair was killed in a love triangle, Jeff Fisher was fired and they haven’t been tearing up the win column. In fact their stats have been less than impressive. Now tonight the Black and Gold travel to Tennessee after a 4-day break after beating Philly on Sunday. Now that could pose a problem but most of the Steeler faithful, myself included, don’t think it will be. As long as Pittsburgh plays their style of football and doesn’t play down to their opponent, like against Oakland, they will emerge victorious.

Anyhow, back to the curse. Myron Cope developed the towel during a playoff game in the 70’s. He was told by his bosses to come up with something to rally the fans. He told everyone to bring a yellow dish towel to Three Rivers Stadium to wave in support. Well that was it. The Terrible Towel was born. For 30 some odd years he towel has been a fixture in Steeler Nation. For the last 14 years the proceeds from the Terrible go to the Allegheny Valley School for autistic and handicapped children. Myron had a child that went there and it was his way to give back a little.

Myron Cope was a leader and a pumper upper of Steeler Nation. His unique voice and vocabulary became a fixture on Steelers broadcast with Bill Hillgrove and Tunch Ilkin. No matter what Pittsburgh was doing, winning or loosing, Myron had a way of speaking that became almost as famous as his towel. Below are the top 10 quotes from Myron.

10. “Like all copycats, they flop. Maybe they (fans) sit on them and if they take them home they use them for dust rags.” — Myron on imitation terrible towels.

9. “If that boy billionaire thinks he can shut me up, he should stick his head in a can of paint.” Myron Cope, after Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder sent someone into the broadcast booth during a game to tell Cope to stop referring to his team as the “Wash Redfaces.”

8. “I was freelance writing for Sports Illustrated and other magazines and the program director at WTAE radio said, ‘We’d like you to do commentary for us.’ I said, ‘Don’t try to kid me. I’ve heard my voice on tape.’ And he said, ‘That’s okay. Obnoxious voices are coming into style.’”

7. “Once people become inured to my voice, they listen to the content.”

6. “People may think I’m senile, but I ain’t. I thought I was a celebrity.”

5.”Okel Dokel!” Myron Cope-ism to describe something agreeable. For example, “Hey Myron, don’t the Bungals stink?” “Okel Dokel.”

4. Yoi – Yiddish saying by Myron to express shock or joy.

3. Double Yoi! — An addition to No. 4, but with more emphasis.

2. Triple Yoi! — No. 3, but with pinache. Such moments include the Immaculate Reception, Lynn Swan’s Super Bowl grab, or a sandwhich at Primatti’s (extra slaw).

1. Hum-Hah! — Used by Myron as a normal day equivalent to … well … nothing. Hum-Hah became an icon the same way Myron did; repetition and warm-heartedness. Rest in peace you cackling madman, you Dr. Cope, you Cope-a-canbana, you legend.

Myron created something special with the towel, the Titans tried to desecrate it and the curse prevailed. Tonight might be the same if Tennessee decides to go the same again.

Good luck Black and Gold…We love you win or lose…

It’s that time again. Football season is here. It started Thursday with what amounted to a high school game that saw Dallas play the Giants. I don’t think much of Tony Romo so even though Dallas won, I won’t comment on the game. Someone watching the game saw a true act of laziness. Jerry “The Jagoff” Jones actually has someone that sits in his owners box that cleans his glasses. Really Jerry? Do you think that you are so much better than anyone else? Ass.

Tried and True – Big Ben

Manning – Sent packing

Pittsburgh will open the 2012-2013 season traveling out to Denver to face newly transplanted Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Pittsburgh will start Roethlisberger who had a decent pre-season and looks ready to go the distance this season. Manning is returning to play his first regular season game since 2011. He injured his neck last year and ended up having an experimental procedure done over seas. Many pundants wonder if he is done or not. Obviously the Colts did. Instead of having him stay and mentor Andrew Luck, they ditched him. One of the best QB’s in many years, Indianapolis showed just what kind of front office they really have. Now needless to say, I have always liked Peyton Manning. He seems to be a down to earth person and approachable. He is no Tom Brady who just acts like a jagoff. Hey Tom, you ain’t that great. Now Big Ben, what else can you say. We are opening the season against the team that knocked us out of the playoffs last season on a questionable play but nonetheless we lost. Had we played better football that game that last play wouldn’t have mattered.

The Steelers Nation is in full swing and everywhere I have looked I see Black and Gold. No matter how the boys played last year it is last year and the Nation looks forward to the next season. I will say that no matter if the Steelers win or loose the Nation is one of the most faithful following I have ever seen. While many think that this game will be an easy win because Manning is rusty, let me remind you. It’s Peyton Manning. Rusty or not he is always a threat. Just coming off of an off season with injury doesn’t matter. It’s Peyton Manning. Now Roethlisberger has taken him on before and beat him. This is a new season and who knows, maybe the experimental surgery Manning had last season made him like Steve Austin, you know “The Six Million Dollar Man”, Nothing is a lead pipe cinch and over-confidence is not always a wise thing.

As I close, Good luck Black and Gold and let’s come home with a better outcome then last year. In closing something to make you laugh. My favorite “Pittsburgh Dad” football episode…

Pittsburgh Dad with Mike Tomlin

Pittsburgh Dad Watching the Steelers

Outsourcing gone wild…

It seems that outsourcing has gone totally out of control. The latest case involves our own Olympic team. While the majority of teams are self funded, the U.S. team has private sponsors. This year Ralph Lauren designed the outfits but that left the manufacture of said clothing to their own sub-contractors. This job fell on one of Lauren’s sweat shops, oops, I mean manufacturing plants in China. Instantly, a red flag went up. (Did you get the joke there?) So many people were so outraged that our own teams uniforms weren’t made in America. With so many Americans out of work, this was probably not what was needed to bolster support of our Olympians. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said that the panel should be ashamed and the uniforms should be burned and start over. Sen Bob Mendez D-N.J. said the situation was “appalling” and “embarrassing.”  Sen. Bob Casey, D-PA said; “The U.S. Olympic Committee was 100 Percent wrong to outsource the manufacturing of U.S. uniforms for the opening ceremony to China.” To that end Six Senators have proposed a bill that will require the committee adopt a policy that ensures ceremonial uniforms are “Sewn and/or assembled in the United States…” Time will tell how this all plays out but i do truly believe our Olympic gear should read; “Made in USA”.

Statue coming down?

Monster in the closet

With all of the hullabaloo after the release of the Freeh report outlining the investigation of the sexual abuse at Penn State there has been a ton of backlash. In a nutshell it said that there was an obvious cover up into the abuse and that Joe Paterno was complicit in the said cover up. This has left many crying foul and some screaming for the removal of JoPa’s statue outside of Beaver Stadium. The CEO of Nike has said that Paterno’s name would be removed from the name of their juvenile Early Development Center in Oregon. Paterno’s family is obviously outraged and some have come to his defense in this whole mess. They feel that his statue should not come down but it has still not been decided. PSU has increased security at the statue and there have been supporters leaving messages and notes in support of JoPa. We here at ATCMC will keep you posted. As for Sandusky… Good for you, you piece of shit…

Pirate slugger Andrew McCutchen

Much to everyone’s surprise, The Pittsburgh Pirates are in first place heading into the second half of the season following the All-Star Break. This is the first time the Pirates have had a winning season in 19 years…. Um, if I’m not mistaken, the Pirates have been on a 19 season skid and have set a MLB record for longest losing streak. However, Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen was invited to play in this years All-Star Game. He took part in the home run derby and was out after the first round with only 4 dingers but it was still proud to take part nonetheless. The Pirates began the second half of the season with a 3-game series against Milwaukee in their park on the 13th. A late game grand-slam led the Brew Crew over the Buccos 10-7 . Hopefully they can regain their pre-break magic and continue to power through the rest of the season… Let’s “Raise the Jolly Roger…”

Training at the lake

Keeping the community safe is a big job, it also takes money. The Derry(PA) Volunteer Fire Department is holding a BBQ, Car Cruise and Dance this Saturday. These are a great bunch of guys and do what they do for free. It is a daily struggle to maintain gear and trucks to be ready to respond at a moment’s notice to fires, accidents, flooding and a myriad of other emergencies. Not to mention there are trains that run through Derry every day and the Fire Department must also be ready to respond to rail emergencies as well. Come out and support these guys. Check out some old cars and get a bite to eat. The dance is from 9pm-1am and they are only asking a $5 donation at the door. If you want to enter your car in the judging it is $5 per car. It is going to be a great day and there is a huge turnout expected. Please come support them and have a great time as well.

In closing I wanted to mention that Watt’s Mack Sales in New Alexandria is having  their 5th annual truck and equipment show that the New Alexandria Demo Derby Grounds on August 18th from 8am to 4pm rain or shine. There will be all kinds of antique cars, truck and equipment there and it should be a good time for all. Admission is free and there will dash plaques for the first 100 registrants! Come out and have a good time and show your community spirit.

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