The title seems to explain it all.  The many State Governments in our country are looking for free money.  They can get it from gamblers’ winnings and the casinos themselves.  What then happens there become too many casinos and not enough money for them to split.  Casinos are being build, in some states, faster than consumer demands.  This means that casinos are vying for business from the gamblers they already have.

With some states only now in the planning stages of new gambling halls their residents are forced to gamble in other states.  Take Pennsylvania for an example.  For years Pennsylvania dwellers had to go either to New Jersey or West (by GOD) Virginia if they wanted to try their luck with either slots or table games (in New Jersey) or the barbaric sport of dog racing (in West Virginia).  Now with the opening of The Rivers on Pittsburgh’s North Shore or at the Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Washington County some of the Loyal out of state gamblers are making their way back to Pennsylvania leaving the other state.

Hence the problem.  Some states that got a lot of money out of gambling revenue are seeing the large sums of money slowly disappearing due to gamblers retuning to their own state to get a new addiction.  Of course I think that if you gamble you should do it in your own state.  Keep that money where it will help you.  Money garnered from casinos and gambling taxes help fund projects and prevent tax hikes.  Not to mention that when you call a volunteer at a gambling addiction hot line that program is funded by state money and hmmmm I wonder where it comes from…Oh yeah, the casino and gambling taxes.

Too many casinos, not enough money.  No shit Sherlock.  Perhaps the State Government should set a limit on the number of casinos and not award gaming permits to anyone with the money to grease a few palms.  I mean it’s simple logistics.  If you saturate an area with something, common sense will tell you that there will be an over abundance of whatever it is you are selling to make it economically sound.  DUH!

Let’s be realistic.  I didn’t go to college and I was able to figure that out without a problem.  But then again I said common sense.  There seems to be a lack of that in Harrisburg these days.  I mean what Governor in their right mind would decide to add money to their food budget when their state employees are not getting paid?  Let’s use some common sense when it comes to casinos.  A little of something is much better than too much because you get sick of it after a while, am I right?

And in a parting shot I have to say, in four months and 22 days we will be done with “Fast Eddie Rendell” Regime of all for me and none for all.  Don’t let the door knob hit ya where the good Lord split ya!!