Bob Henry is the author of “Kickin’ the tires and Lightin’ the Fires,” an account of a demolition derby driver’s severe, life-threatening  injury and his return to the sport that almost killed him.  The book was inspired by Bob’s 25 year career of building and driving derby cars throughout western Pennsylvania.  A lot of the characters are composites of people Bob knew while driving. “It was the first book I published and I learned a lot since writing it.”  Bob’s second book, “Red Lights and Sirens,” is concerns Bob’s career as a former Paramedic-Fire Fighter.  The stories are based on calls Bob responded to and the people he met and worked with. “I always wanted to write a book about my career. Some stories are funny, some are sad but all, hopefully give you a brief glimpse into the life of a Paramedic-Fire Fighter.”  His third book “Exit to Eden,” was inspired by a local murder mystery near Bob’s home.  A young girl is accused of setting a fire that destroys her home and kills her adoptive father.  In the beginning it looks like an open and shut case but as it is investigated further, there are more twists and turns then a back country road in Western Pennsylvania. “The basis for the story is true but I gave it my own twist and took it in a totally different direction.”  His latest book “Free Burn” was just released on Kindle. A city is plagued by a series of arson fires. Were these just random fires or calculated targets? The fire marshal and local fire department move quickly to prevent more fires and deaths. “This is my first book published exclusively for the Kindle. I feel that e-books are the future and completely enjoyed the process.”

Bob, no longer works as a Paramedic but is in his 24th year as a firefighter. In his current job he’s surrounded by criminals all day.  No, he’s not in politics. He’s a corrections officer. Bob lives in Indiana PA and has 2 daughters; Emily and Molly Rose.  While this will not be a daily blog, there will be several postings a month as things arise that require attention.  Bob uses his unique sense of humor and way of looking at things to give you his insight on the moronities that occur in our daily grind.  “I have been told that I usually say something worth repeating or remembering…  Write that down.”

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