I know by the title some of you are rolling your eyes and wondering what rambling incoherent post I have for you today. Well my dear readers, it is about change. All of us experience change in some form or another at some point in our lives. It can be great big, wholesale changes or something small. Nonetheless, it happens to us all. Some changes are good and some are not but change is important to keep everything moving along.

einstein-thoughtOne of the things to consider is changing your way of thinking. I know that sometimes it is easier said then done. We have been programmed a certain way and have spent most of our lives thinking the way we do. Some people are passive-aggressive manipulating narcissists. Others get controlled by them and don’t even realize they have allowed their thinking to become re-wired to believe what they are being told. I read a book called “No More Mister Nice Guy” by Dr. R.A. Glover. In it he explains how the “Nice Guy” acts a certain way based on things either from their past or current surroundings. You say, “No way,” but it happens every day. This is where changing your thinking is so vital. Like Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

So now you are sitting there thinking there is no way possible to change something you have done your entire life. I am here to tell you that it is possible. I work at it everyday. Mental health sometimes requires a spring cleaning of the mind, if you will. I don’t mean go and see a hypnotist to change your thoughts, you have to do the work yourself. Take a break from the daily grind. It helps if you have some free time to yourself. Maybe when the kids are at school and the spouse is at work. You might need pad and paper as well, but you need to make a mental inventory. What is going on in your head? What is causing you the most problems? Where does the majority of your stress lie? It might not be as simple as doing it yourself. Sometimes a licensed therapist may be in order. If you don’t think that will work for you, maybe your priest or pastor. Sometimes just talking to someone is a great way to root out what is going on. Changing your way of thinking is not a simple one time effort. It might take weeks, months or even longer.

A positive mindset is so important. If you can find positive things to think about the other thoughts are not right in the forefront. To that end, if a stressor in your life is perhaps a sick or dying loved one, instead of thinking of all the negatives associated with the situation try to focus on the positives. Let’s say, for instance, your child has the chicken pox. Instead of worrying that they are going to miss school or how sick they feel, try focusing on the fact you were able to have the time off of work to take care of them. Or you had a grandmother or grandfather who was able to help you. Or say you have a loved one in Hospice with terminal cancer. You could say how pitiful it is to watch someone die like that or on a positive side you could say you were thankful there was something available like this to help them in their final days.

answer-to-prayer-quoteI’m not saying look at everything with rose-colored glasses but you also don’t have to see doom and gloom in absolutely everything. Having a loved one die from cancer is certainly not pleasant, for them or for you, but you also have to think about how your approach to a situation affects other people. If we give off a positive vibe, others will pick up on it. If you have trouble trying to change your mindset to something positive, surround yourself with positive people. Negativity breads negativity and the same can be said for positive thinking as well. Instead of looking at the glass as half empty or half full, be thankful there is something in it at all. Sometimes removing stressors completely could be the answer.

I know once I started changing my thinking and removing stressors I began to feel better almost instantly. My health began to improve and I was feeling better all around. I joined a gym and I try to go atmistakes least 2 days a week. I started helping my friend and his son build demolition derby cars over the summer. Alan, who had been my friend for 35 years, asked me to come up and help them out. Once I started to get active with my health and my past-time activities I could feel myself feeling so much better. Some people are destined to feel like they are nothing because of mistakes they have made. We all make mistakes, we are all human. Don’t ever believe that you are less than something special because of mistakes. Don’t let people keep reminding you of mistakes either. Just because they can’t move on doesn’t mean you need to be stuck in the past. We are not perfect. We are human. Change your thinking to become more positive in your thoughts and actions. Becoming more positive is a great way to feel better. Surround yourself with positivity. Seek out your friends. Be willing to do what you have to do to make positive changes in your life. Some people are happy making others miserable. They spend their lives doing it. Geeze, and they call me crazy.