So much has changed since I last posted so hopefully I can explain the reason for my sabbatical from the blog. I guess the biggest change has been the moving of ATCMC’s home office from Derry, PA to my hometown of Indiana. There has also been some elimination of staff here as well. We are back to our original staff here at the home office meaning I am back to writing and approving all of the essays from here on out. I found that it becomes easier to write and post without having to wait for someone’s critique and approval. Now I can get back to blogging in its purest form; Getting the idea, writing it down and posting it.

Since moving back to my hometown, it has been a really good transformation. There are so many friends here that I have missed and have missed me. I have been able to reconnect with lots of the old gang and return to my roots. It has been an awakening of sorts. I felt as though I had been stifled for so many years and I hadn’t been able to write any really good posts. While my essays were about current events, they lacked my normal sarcasm and lampooning. Now I feel like the spark is there to write again. It is important when you felt like it was gone for good. Now I can be free to write and have free expression again. So many of my essays were scrapped for reasons other then just not being any good. I was even forced to remove a couple of my posted blogs because of the editor’s personal feelings about them. Childish feelings I might add.

I have always written about what I wanted. I never did it for any other reason other then to express myself and for my readers. So now I am full of ideas, or maybe it’s just gas from lunch, and ready to get it out there. I thank all of my loyal readers who have stuck with me through this last sabbatical and I am sure you will be happy with the forthcoming posts. I am getting started forth-with and have already got a few rough drafts laid down.

We have stocked our pantry with several bottles of 15 year-old single malt scotch and cases of Nutter Butters. We even got a call from Dave over at One Man’s Tofu wishing us luck on our rebirth. I guess rebirth is as good a word as any to state it. Once again, I thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of transition. We look forward to entertaining you for at least another 5 years.